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Thursday, August 18, 2011

How Twitter Could Stop Spam Tomorrow. But Will They?

Stop Twitter spam. Will they do it?
If you spend any time on Twitter, you've gotten an @Mention with pretty much a name and a link. Sometimes there is a phrase or if the sender is really working hard, a sentence. If you click the link, 9 times out of 10 it's porn or an ad for something. Porn is the most popular. I'll get these kind of @Mentions on a regular basis. I know what they are and I report them and block them. It's annoying. But I know how twitter could stop spam tomorrow. But will they? 

I brought up this idea in a post called: Profile Of A Twitter Spammer. STOP SPAM. Report Them. 

The post showed you exactly what a spammer looks like and how we should all report them for spam and block them. I don't know how one of these accounts gets out 600 tweets and is still around. They have no followers and they aren't following anyone. Their sole purpose is to pump out a link of slime or to sell you something or worse yet, phishing.

Twitter could stop spam tomorrow if they followed my advice. They already have algorithms that spot IP addresses that are opening lots of Twitter accounts. Twitter keeps it secret how they determine that the IP address might be up to no good, but they will put holds on those accounts, if too many are generated in a short period of time.

Since all of these spam accounts have ZERO followers and are following ZERO people, Twitter should make a minimum number of followers before you can send tweets with links. It's that simple.

When non-famous people open a Twitter account they start with nothing. But if they put out some interesting tweets, they will get some followers. My suggestion is that you have to have at least 25 followers before you can send out a tweet with a link. I'm sure a spam purveyor would get blocked for opening 25 accounts in a day or a couple days, just to get the minimum number of followers.

Teach new users how to use hashtags (#) immediately. That way they can send tweets relative to those hashtags and generate the minimum number of followers before they can start sending out tweets with links.

I have to be honest with you. I've been on and off Twitter for almost 3 years and I just learned how to use hashtags four months ago. Duh. But that is my point. Teach newbies a way to get exposure, prove they are somewhat interesting in the grand scheme of things and get some followers. Once they've proved their worth in a simple way, then let them start firing off tweets with links.

It's a simple solution. Twitter could probably do it in a day. It would stop all of the annoying spammers in a heartbeat because no one would want to follow them. And that's how Twitter could stop spam tomorrow. But will they? 

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  1. That's an interesting view, and i agree with it for the most part. I've been annoyed for those spam spitting bots, it's easy to ignore em, but even after reporting em, they keep working. Either Twitter doesn't care or they are simply overwhelmed by the amount of spamming bots reports and are unable to check each one and judge properly. Either way, nice post sir.

  2. You're right about the bots. Although, to open a Twitter account, you need an email, a name and most of these have pictures on them - and I don't think a bot can do that. Once it is set up, then it can go.

    Do you know? Or does anyone else?


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