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Friday, August 26, 2011

During A Hurricane, Text Instead Of Calling On Your Cell Phone

Text instead of calling. It lightens the load on the system.
During a hurricane, the likelihood that powerful winds will knock out cellular towers is very high. However, if cellular towers survive the storm, cellular traffic will test the capacity of the system. During a hurricane, text instead of calling on your cell phone

Hurricane Irene is supposed to directly impact over 46 Million Americans. A lot of people will be staying, but there are many that will be evacuating the projected path of the hurricane. Communicating with family and loved ones will be massive and will probably tax the systems, making them useless.

According to the National Weather Service, it is better to do as much communicating via text, rather than calling. Text messaging puts a much lower load on communication and transmission equipment.

Pass this message along to anyone you know who is in the hurricane's path. Hurricane Irene is a massive storm, the size of Europe. It is not the most powerful to hit the east coast, but it impacts more people than any previous storm in history. Do your part to keep communications open. During a hurricane, text instead of calling on your cell phone.

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