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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cleveland Serial Killer Anthony Sowell Gets Death Penalty

Anthony Sowell, right, to get death penalty.
On Monday, August 8th, the jury recommended the death penalty for Anthony Sowell for killing 11 women, chopping up their bodies, dumping and burying the dead in and around his property. August 12th, judge Dick Ambrose agreed with the jury's recommendation and ordered that Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell get the death penalty.  He will die by lethal injection.

Fox News reported: Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Pinky Carr has said the case "screamed death penalty." Her prosecution colleague, Richard Bombik, said "if this guy doesn't get the death penalty, nobody should."

And now the bills will pile up faster than the bodies. A death penalty conviction has an automatic appeal, which will raise the cost of this trial even higher. 

Two days before the trial was to begin, Sowell's defense team offered a guilty plea with no chance of appeal or parole. Sowell would have literally been tossed in prison and they'd throw away the key. 

Housing a prisoner costs approximately $30,000 per year. If they are in prison for 30 years, you're talking about $900,000, excluding cost of living increases and inflation. 

For the state to kill a person, it can cost millions of dollars. The average death penalty case takes 20 years from conviction to execution. With appeals, changes of counsel and other costs, death is a very expensive option. 

Life without parole or appeal would completely remove Sowell from society forever. Prison is not a fun place. He would be locked up, alone, until he dies.

Eight of the eleven families of victims wanted the prosecutors to take the plea because they weren't sure if they could stand going through a trial. Many of the women who were killed went missing for months and family members never tried to find them or reported them missing. All had either prior convictions for prostitution, drugs or other street crimes.

Anthony Sowell is a bad man. He killed a lot of people. Like the assistant prosecutor said, if this doesn't deserve the death penalty, nothing does. But does any crime deserve the death penalty? In Sowell's case, there was no doubt about his guilt. It's impossible to explain rotting corpses in your living room and buried in your basement and all over your backyard and act like you didn't know anything. But there are people that are innocent that get the death penalty.

I have a moral problem with the death penalty. To me, it is state sponsored murder. And it costs a fortune to do. The police should have taken one look at the bodies in his house and shot Sowell on the spot. It would have saved the state of Ohio hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly millions of dollars.

Have we evolved as a society? Are we still in the Biblical ethos of "an eye for an eye"? Is exacting revenge our goal? For Sowell, rehabilitation is out of the question. But having him suffer in prison for thirty years would be less costly and not give him the easy way out of with a needle in his arm.

What do you think? If Sowell didn't get the death penalty, no one should. But should anyone get the death penalty?

Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell gets the death penalty - turn to your Bibles for instructions.

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