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Thursday, August 11, 2011

America's Got Talent - YouTube Results - Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Solo dancer, Beth Ann Robinson, heads to AGT semifinals
Nerves were running high in the Green Room as the YouTube contestants on America's Got Talent waited for their fate. The first three to get through were no surprises, but Sharon Osbourne whipped out a big surprise at the end to give an eliminated act a chance to compete again on America's Got Talent - YouTube Results Show - Wednesday, August 10, 2011.

To kick off the tense evening, Nick Cannon brought to the stage acrobatic act GYMKANA and the Glee-like singers, Powerhouse. This was a no-brainer between the two - GYMKANA advanced to the AGT semi-finals.

What followed were performances by some of the YouTube superstars - videos that have received tens of millions of hits. (The videos that made them famous will be at the end of this post.)

First up was Tay Zonday, singing an abbreviated version of his 70 million hit song Chocolate Rain. In the 90 seconds or so they gave Zonday to perform, you really don't get a feel for the power of this song. I wrote on his YouTube comments that this is the most socially conscious song since the 1960's and 1970's. He touches on every ill of society, things we should all address and not let slip away in the chocolate rain. If there is any video below that you should watch, I would highly encourage you to check out what Tay Zonday sings about our world today. It will make you think.

Following Zonday was Keenan Cahill, whose stardom came from lip-syncing popular songs on YouTube. (Wasn't Milli Vanilli drummed out of the music business for doing the same thing?) Regardless, his videos have pulled in over 300 million views. And he's on tour with a number of major acts. Amazing.

The big question I have regarding Keenan Cahill is how did he get away using Katy Perry songs and other popular hits to do his lip-sync act. YouTube's Terms of Service (TOS) strictly prohibit use of any copyrighted material. I know, I've tried to upload a video that had a short segment of music from a CD and YouTube wouldn't let me do it. Anyway... he did his lip thing.

Another YouTube sensation, OK GO, famous for their song Here It Goes Again performed a new song All Is Not Lost.

Resuming the eliminations, Nick Cannon called to the stage Matt Wilhelm the phenomenal bike rider, cloggers TNC Elite, and street acrobats AEON. Wilhelm easily road off on a trip to the semi-finals.

Rebecca Black performed her YouTube hit Friday.

Next to the stage were Kalani Basketball Freestyle, illusionist Brett Daniels, singer Kevin Colis and tiny dancer, acrobat Breena Bell. With flubs in his performance, Kalani didn't have much of a chance, Daniels was lackluster and Breena had nowhere to go once you see her touch her toes to her head. Kevin Colis advanced, but he was warned by Howie Mandel, "You're in a very tough category. There's Landau Eugene Murphy, Anna Graceman, Daniel Joseph Baker and others and you will have to really step up your game."

Another YouTube sensation performed - Irish dancers Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding. Their fame came from taking the acoustic concepts of tap dancing and using their hands on hard surfaces to create an interactive tap dance. It is utterly brilliant. Their performance of Hands Up And Over was the highlight of the night from the YouTube stars for me. (Make sure you watch the video below.)

Now, it was down to the last three acts. Nick Cannon brought out solo dancer Beth Ann Robinson, bulldog Gabe Rocks and the West Springfield Dance Team. Two of the acts came in fourth and fifth in fan voting, one would be eliminated immediately. Piers was happy to see Gabe Rocks sent to the yard. The judges would determine who goes on to the semi-finals and the chance at winning America's Got Talent's prize of $1 Million and a headlining show in Las Vegas.

Based on the judges comments the night before, I was thinking that the West Springfield group was going to the semis straight away. However, Piers voted for Beth Ann, Sharon went with the dance team and Howie surprisingly picked Beth Ann. However, Sharon could not get over the fact that the West Springfield Dance Team was eliminated and pulled a rabbit out of her hat by declaring them one of her Wild Card picks to come back and perform again next week. It was good to see both talented acts still have life in this competition.

Next week is the Wild Card show. Previously eliminated contestants will get one more chance to impress America and see if they can get into the semi-finals. Twelve acts will return. You'll get to see the wild guys on the bikes Yellow Designs Team, talented magician Landon Swank, the bluegrass Fiddleheads, Those Funny Little People and others. I honestly think the return of Those Funny Little People is to piss off Piers Morgan, because they are obviously sacrificial lambs in next week's competition. Aggravating Piers is good TV.

Another act that will be back that I totally don't understand is the Kinetic King - the guy with the exploding Popsicle sticks. He's a fun two minute show at the science fair or the carnival. But his last trick, which didn't work at all, took him 30 hours to assemble. And it was going to last two minutes; three, tops. How can you have a one hour show in Las Vegas if it takes 30 hours of preparation for every two minutes of performance? Do the math. KK would have to spend 900 hours - 37.5 DAYS preparing to do ONE show for an hour. And there is no guarantee his contraption will work. It failed horrifically once on national TV. Another lamb for the fire.

And now the YouTube videos that made people famous.

Tay Zonday and Chocolate Rain

Keenan Cahill Lip-syncing Teenage Dream

OK GO performing Here It Goes Again

Rebecca Black sings Friday

Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding - Up and Over

It was an exciting night of entertainment on America's Got Talent YouTube Results show on Wednesday, August 10, 2011.

Don't forget - next week is Wild Card Week. So, if there was an act that you felt was cheated at their chance for stardom, this is payback time. Vote. Vote. Vote.

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