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Thursday, August 18, 2011

America's Got Talent - Wild Card Results - Weds, August 17, 2011

Magician Landon Swank's second chance paid off on AGT.
They got a second chance. Now, we'll find out which four acts made the best of that chance and will move on to the semi-finals and a chance at the $1 Million prize and a headlining show at Caesars Palace hosted by Jerry Springer. It was tense on America's Got Talent - Wild Card Results - Weds, August 17, 2011.

With the semi-finals starting next week, the four acts that move forward will round out the 24 acts competing for the big prize on America's Got Talent.

Right off the bat, Nick Cannon called to the stage Shevonne, Yellow Designs Stunt Team and West Springfield Dance Team. The horror dancers from Springfield, VA got enough votes to move on to the semis.

The cast of the most successful musical of all time Les Miserables performed One Day More.

Next to find out if their future would be pointed to Las Vegas or toward home were Avery And The Calico Hearts, Charles Peachock, Kinetic King, and Those Funny Little People. The man with the goggles proved he was a king to America and the Kinetic King advanced.

Piers Morgan went up on stage and bowed to the Kinetic King.

As the results continued, it was time for a face-off between the two magicians - Landon Swank and Seth Grabel. Grabel had a great show, but Swank showed more magic and more swank on Tuesday and he moves on to the semi-finals.

Colbie Caillat performed a song from her new album Brighter Than The Sun.

Left in the Green Room were three acts that I didn't think any of them would get through - Summerwind Skippers, J Chris Newberg and The Fiddleheads. Two of the acts came in fourth and fifth in fan voting. One would be sent packing before the judges decided on the last two and J Chris Newberg was sent home.

After the break, Piers started off the judging and put his vote with the Summerwind Skippers. Howie went for The Fiddleheads. It was up to Sharon Osbourne to decide who goes and who stays. She started off by saying, "I have seen you grow more than any other act. I'm going with the Summerwind Skippers."

There are 24 acts heading to the semi-finals. My favorites are in bold. 
  1. Anna Graceman - Singer/Piano Player
  2. Beth Ann Robinson - Solo Dancer
  3. Daniel Joseph Baker - Singer/Piano Player
  4. Fatally Unique - Urban Dance Team
  5. Gynkana - College Acrobats
  6. Kevin Colis - Singer/Guitar Player
  7. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. - Singer
  8. Landon Swank - Magician
  9. Lys Agnes - Opera Singer
  10. Matt Wilhelm - Trick Cyclist
  11. Melissa Villasenor - Comediene
  12. Miami All-Stars - Latin Dance Troupe
  13. POPLYFE - Band
  14. Professor Splash - Daredevil Diver
  15. Sandou Trio Russian Bar - Acrobats
  16. Silhouettes - Performance Art With Shadows
  17. Smage Brothers Riding Shows - Motorcycle Daredevils
  18. Snap Boogie - Street Dancer
  19. Steven Retchless - Pole Dancer
  20. Summerwind Skippers - Jump Rope Team
  21. Team ILuminate - Dancing Electronic Performance Art
  22. The Kinetic King - Novelty Act
  23. West Springfield Dance Team - Horror Dancers
  24. Zuma Zuma - African Theme Dancers/Acrobats
The eight acts I've highlighted have the best potential to put together a one hour headlining show that would work in Las Vegas and seem to have been huge audience and judge favorites. If I had to pick a top four, I'd go with Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Lys Agnes (if she doesn't make it, Landon Swank), Silhouettes and Team ILuminate. And if I had to pick a winner... Gosh... how tough can that be? I can't say. We'll just have to tune in to America's Got Talent and find out. Semi-finals begin next week. Be there.

Concluding, I thought the two magicians would make it through the Wild Card round, but only one did. The rest were America's picks on America's Got Talent - Wild Card Results - Weds, August 17, 2011.

Photo by NBC-AGT

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