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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

America's Got Talent - Semi-Finals #1 Results - August 24, 2011

Matt Wilhelm will have to ride his bike home.
Tonight, out of the twelve acts that performed on America's Got Talent on Tuesday, five would be moving into the Top 10. America has voted and we all waited with anticipation for the results. Everything went the way I thought it should, until the very end on America's Got Talent - Semi-Finals #1 Results - August 24, 2011

After the obligatory introductions of Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan, Nick Cannon called to the stage: Sandou Trio Russian Bar, Zuma Zuma, Matt Wilhelm and Team ILuminate.

On Tuesday, Piers said that Sandou Trio was on a suicide mission and panned their act. Zuma Zuma was great. Matt Wilhelm fell down. Team ILuminate brought the entire house to their feet, including the judges. And Team ILuminate is going to the Top 10. Sharon said, "I'm so pleased."

Demi Lovato performed Skyscraper from her new album Unbroken.

Next to the stage were POPLYFE and Lys Agnes. You could tell that Howie couldn't believe that one of these acts was going home. He couldn't look and covered his head. I felt the same way. However, both acts are moving on to the Top 10. Howie gasped, "I was waiting to be devastated. Thank you America." Nick Cannon said that the voting for the two acts was only separated by less than one-tenth of one percent.

Calling three more acts from the green room, Nick asked to the stage: Melissa Villasenor, Miami All-Stars and Kevin Colis. The Miamia All-Stars were incredible on Tuesday and this seemed like an easy pick, and I was right. Joining the Top 10 will be the Miami All-Stars. Piers was pleased and said, "Wherever the party is, I want to come."

One of last year's most memorable acts performed in his full raging camp and drag - Prince Poppycock. He's still as outrageous as ever and did not hold back on his flamboyance one bit.

Then, something that completely confused me happened. Nick Cannon introduce multi-platinum Hip-Hop artists New Boyz. There were dancers and singers and it appeared a song was going on. Then, the "stars" came out and rapped. It was the most garbled, unintelligible thing I've ever heard on stage. I hope their CD's are better than their live performance, because I wanted to buzz them, if I could.

After the crap, there were three acts left in the green room: Beth Ann Robinson, Daniel Joseph Baker and the West Springfield Dance Team.

As I mentioned in last night's show recap, Beth Ann Robinson is young and very talented, but a solo dancer is not something you can make a headlining act out of. Daniel Joseph Baker gave his best performance of the competition. Piers even said, "You are a pure Vegas showman." Howie gushed, "Daniel, you are a star." As far as the West Springfield Dance Team, when the camera did overhead shots, they looked to me like cheerleaders with horror make-up - minus all the tumbling and cool pyramids. I didn't see anything that could even put them on the same stage as a group like the Miami All-Stars. They work hard. Their timing is good. They've had to perform three weeks back-to-back and have done well. But...

And this is were it all got weird. Tuesday, Howie said to the Miami All-Stars, "You and Team ILuminate are my favorite dance teams in the competition." So, who does Howie vote for? The West Springfield Dance Team, commenting, "This is the year of the dance." Since when?

Piers was next. He said, "This is tough. I'm going to break someone's heart and make someone very happy. And the heart I'm going to break is Daniel's, I'm putting West Springfield Dance Team through." What? My mouth dropped open because I believe I just witnessed a robbery.

Daniel is an amazing talent. I was just concerned that if he continued he would cry so much from excitement that he might slip in a puddle of his own tears and fly off the stage. But the kid has it. I'm really shocked he is not moving on.

So, five acts are set for the Top 10.

Performing next week will be (my favorites are in bold):

  1. Anna Graceman - Singer/Piano Player
  2. Fatally Unique - Urban Dance Team
  3. Gymkana - College Acrobats
  4. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. - Singer
  5. Landon Swank - Magician
  6. Professor Splash - Daredevil Diver
  7. Silhouettes - Performance Art With Shadows
  8. Smage Brothers Riding Shows - Motorcycle Daredevils
  9. Snap Boogie - Street Dancer
  10. Steven Retchless - Pole Dancer
  11. Summerwind Skippers - Jump Rope Team
  12. The Kinetic King - Novelty Act

It's a toss-up for the fifth position.

Everything was going so smoothly, then a complete WTF was thrown out at the end on America's Got Talent - Semi-Finals #1 Results - August 24, 2011. I have to tweet Daniel Joseph Baker my condolences.

Photo by NBC-AGT

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