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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

America's Got Talent - Hollywood #4 - August 2, 2011

Sam B waving good-bye to America's Got Talent.
Tonight's show featured the most diverse group of talent on any America's Got Talent show. Everything was hitting the AGT stage from acrobats, a crazy dancer, singers, a pole dancer and more. There were some real surprises on America's Got Talent - Hollywood #4 - August 2, 2011.

Who would be going to the semi-finals, that is what was on the line. Twelve acts gave it their best to get their shot at the America's Got Talent $1 Million prize and a headlining show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, hosted by Jerry Springer.

Here is how they did:
  1. The Kinetic King - Novelty Act - St. Paul, MN - Three seconds into his act, disaster struck. Nothing worked. Nothing moved. Nothing. It took him 36 hours to prepare his array of tongue depressors and other contraptions and it didn't move. Piers and Howie buzzed him almost immediately. The Kinetic King said, "I guess I have to be famous for something." Piers replied, "What do you think you're going to be famous for? Being the biggest loser on America's Got Talent." 
  2. Zuma Zuma - Dancing Acrobats - Las Vegas, NV - Using 2 twenty foot high poles, these five African guys from Kenya really upped their game and put on a fantastic show, flying from pole to pole, flips, balancing and more. Sharon, "Really, really well done." Piers, "You look like you're having fun." 
  3. Avery And The Calico Hearts - Girl Singing Trio - Lubbock, TX - With their chirpy voices they poured lots of energy into their performance. Howie, "Avery, you're like a superstar. You should have a Saturday morning TV show." Piers, "You may be a bit early."
  4. Charles Peachock - Juggler - Kent, OH - He performed an amazing trick of bouncing balls on a piano and playing a song. Then he took his shirt off. Why? No one knows. Sharon and Howie both buzzed him. Piers, "I've never seen anything like that." Howie, "Biggest problem. Previously, you did glow-in-the-dark, then you set yourself on fire. Now you took your shirt off and dropped your balls on the piano."
  5. Sam B - Dancer - Sam is a great show for a frat party or to laugh at on the nightclub dance floor. He's not a real act and I have no idea how he got this far. Piers hit him with an X, "Time for a reality check. Your act never changes. You're charging around like a heard of rhinoceroses, yelling and falling down." Sharon, "You are unique, you might become a lot of people's guilty pleasure." Howie, "Don't change a thing."
  6. Taylor Davis - Singer/Guitarist - Leesburg, GA - Piers hit him with an X 30 seconds into his act. He had a sluggish start. Piers said, "You were singing in the wrong key or completely off key." Sharon, "Bad song choice, however, you have the best vocal range of the singers." Howie, "At this level, you have to bring Wow." 
  7. Melissa Villasenor - Comediene - Los Angeles, CA - She whipped out a variety of vocal impressions, including one of Sharon Osbourne. Piers, "Was not as good as previous performance." Sharon, "You did extremely well." Howie, "You are very talented and deserve to be here."
  8. Scott Alexander - Magician - Lancaster, PA - He went with a big production show and made a gospel choir disappear, then reappear in a balcony. Howie, "Lacked showmanship." Piers, "the way you did it was pure showmanship."
  9. Fatally Unique - Urban Dance Team - Rockford, IL - They were dynamic and full of energy. A good performance and the judges agreed. Howie, "The dancers seemed to bring it on." Piers, "Did you get your act together? Yes!" Sharon, "Your passion has paid off."
  10. Yellow Designs Stunt Team - Stunt Cyclists - Denver, CO - These four guys put on a show. They created amazing chaos and added a theme to their act. Piers, "I thought it was terrific." Sharon, "You proved a BMX act could be in Vegas or on Broadway." Howie, "Phenomenal."
  11. Frank Miles  - Daredevil - San Francisco, CA - Frank concocted a an array of five crossbows that would be triggered in sequence, once the first shot was fired. The goal was to pierce a donut perched on the to of his head. The crossbows fired and missed the donut by a fraction. Hence - failed trick. Sharon, "Exciting." Howie said the same thing. Piers, "Great trick, but it didn't work." 
  12. Team ILuminate - Electronic Dance Team - Los Angeles, CA - They took their act to a new level and added new elements. They got a standing ovation from everyone, including the judges. Howie, "By far the best thing I've ever seen." Piers, "Best act, best act in America. That is a million dollar act." Sharon, "You're a wold class act."
The four acts that I felt had the best performances and should move on were:
  • Zuma Zuma - very dynamic, exciting, dangerous and a lot of fun. 
  • Fatally Unique - they recovered from a less than stellar performance in Vegas. 
  • Yellow Designs Stunt Team - they had everything going, a theme, great trick riding, lots of action and excitement.
  • Team ILuminate - definitely the team to beat this year. They are so unique and original and they perform flawlessly. 
Team ILuminate was the only act that brought the house down. There were actually more clear losers than winners. Expect to say good-bye to The Kinetic King, Charles Peachock, Sam B, Taylor Davis, possibly Scott Alexander and Frank Miles.

We'll find out tomorrow who makes it and who goes home after tonight's America's Got Talent - Hollywood #4 - August 2, 2011.

Photo by NBC-AGT

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