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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

With Some Creative Effort, It Looks Like I'll #SaveTheBlog

A MacBook Pro with 15" monitor may be my new buddy.
Any pursuit requires the right tools. A golfer needs good clubs, shoes and cool hats. A violinist needs a quality instrument to make beautiful music. A blogger needs a damn computer that works - ALL THE TIME. Well, with some creative effort, it look like I'll #SaveTheBlog

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Since June 8th, when my Apple iBookG4 screen went black and would not light up, I've been a mess. I had a rigorous daily routine of writing and marketing this blog. Then, that all fell apart.

I went from working 12 to 15 hours a day to trying to get anything accomplished in two hours on the computers at the public library. It was a nightmare. There were a number of TV shows that I normally cover that were missed. Some great news satire slipped by, because it was out of date by the time I got up and running.

However, when I got up and running, it was only for a little over a week, then the screen went dark, again.

Sometimes it would come on, then quit after a minute. I'd restart the computer ten or fifteen times, then it would seem to stay on. Multiple times, it would quit right in the middle of a post I was writing or uploading files. It was like going through a minefield on a pogo stick. Stupid, frustrating and certain to blow your mind - in a bad way.

This past week was the week of brainstorming and I came up with a solution and I should have a major upgrade to my computer situation in about two weeks.

Thank God, Carol, one of my Facebook friends, saw my post and recommended her nephew in the Queen City and he's going to set me up with more than I expected and I'm coming in hundreds of dollars under budget. Gotta love it.

For some strange reason, my little white iBookG4 has been working for about 20 hours today with only two sudden shutdowns. After each sudden shutdown, I managed to revive it and I've had a reasonably productive day.

This computer, however, is just not powerful enough for me. I'm always overloading it and I watch that silly Apple beach ball spinning and spinning and spinning for literally hours every time this thing "works" - ha.

So, forget the donations and suggestions. It's handled. That's right. It's handled. With some creative effort, it looks like I'll #SaveTheBlog and I couldn't be happier. All I want to do is work. I love it.

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  1. Glad to hear you´ll save the blog. Sucks for your ibook but it was time to get a new laptop, so i guess its not that bad.


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