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Friday, July 1, 2011

With No Computer For 2 Weeks, Page Views Dropped 56% in June 2011

No computer took page views down.
For three month, I had been on a rocket ride with this blog. Page views were soaring, but I knew that I could not keep up the growth pace. Then, on June 8th, my screen went black. With no computer for 2 weeks, page views dropped 56% in June 2011.

I really don't have a lot to complain about. When this blog was dormant in February 2011, I had 49 page views. Working three weeks in March, it jumped to 1,589. Then, my SEO work, combined with hitting some hot topics shot page views to 14,301 in April. Momentum carried me to 37,384 page views in May. Then, June hit me in the head.

On June 8th, my screen went dark on my little white Apple iBookG4. For two weeks, I was limited to 2 hours a day at the library. I didn't have access to tools I have loaded on my computer and I didn't have the time to do the work the way I wanted to do it.

It wasn't just losing the computer for two weeks - which was overheating due to dust buildup on the internal components; an air compressor blow out got me running again - but for nearly a week after I got the computer back I've been out of sync. I had a great rhythm going. I knew what to do and when. I moved almost without thought, just pure production. I'm just starting to get that back, and here it is July 1st.

Not being able to work the way I wanted to, my page views dropped to 16,282 - a 56% decline from May. If you figure that I only worked about 10 days on the blog, my daily average for 10 days was 1,628 page views/day - but it doesn't work that way (Nice try Einstein). June was still my 2nd best month ever.

During the downtime, I had a chance to load up on story ideas that will take a year to write. I also had a chance to check out and experiment with a few different gadgets.

The one I'm keeping is called: LinkWithin. It is primarily targeted to food blogs. It puts pictures and titles of past posts at the end of your blog posts. You can customize it to show 3, 4 or 5 posts. Four fit nicely on this blog. It goes back to my old sales buddy - Seymor Sellmor - The more they see, the more you sell - which increases page views and time spent on the blog. That's a reason that I will not do a post without a picture. It shows something and adds to the story. The LinkWithin gadget would be worthless without a picture. It shows more than just the most popular posts that are shown in the sidebar and below the main post. Archived posts are rotated for view by visitors. Some of them are topical and are dead issues, but with four posts shown, a viewer should be able to find something if they want to continue reading.

I also started a new blog and revived an old one. The new blog: The Life and Times of Roger Blazic is like an online journal. Some day I'll be gone and I want a record of the crazy things I've done and the people I've met. It's for my daughter. But it should be fun following along - It's always weird here - every day. I'm also starting a new Internet Soap Opera today on that blog called All My Donuts. Feedback and anticipation has been high.

The other blog: Las Vegas Tips - was started a year ago. But I've found a way to put short content on there and start getting some traffic.

With three blogs up, I added the LinkWithin gadget to all three and I got all three setup in Feedburner. I can now offer email subscriptions to my readers. On this blog, in a week I've picked up about three dozen subscribers.

Just to give you an idea on how crippled I was without the computer. I was averaging 3 posts a day for the last two months. I managed just over 1 post a day for June - a 2/3 drop in production.

Things have improved the last few days. A week ago, my weekly page views had slipped to below 2,000 for the first time in about 10 weeks. Now, they're up over 3,000 and climbing.

Oddly, revenue was up. I'm still making coffee money with this blog, but every step up is a step in the right direction.

I survived the black screen, but with no computer for 2 weeks my page views dropped 56% in June 2011.

LinkWithin - Widget
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