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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Was My Casey Anthony Post Censored By Facebook Or Networkedblogs?

Was I censored by Facebook or Networkedblogs?
Something strange happened on Tuesday, July 5th, besides the Casey Anthony verdict. I wrote a post about the not guilty verdict, however, the title was a bit on the edge. My posts are automatically posted to my Facebook page via Networkedblogs and to Twitter when they are published. However, I could not find my Casey Anthony post on my profile. Was my Casey Anthony post censored by Facebook or Networkedblogs?

Normally, when I hit PUBLISH POST, it goes immediately to my Facebook Profile, Wall, News Feed, and to Twitter. I've noticed this week that it has been taking hours for my posts to channel through Networkedblogs and onto my Profile, etc. But I've never had a post turn up missing.

The post was originally titled: Casey Anthony Trial - Party Ho Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

I created several posts after that one and it took them hours to show up on my Facebook Profile, but they showed up. The Casey Anthony post was conspicuously missing. I tried to use the share button on the bottom of the post to put it onto Facebook and I was denied. (That might have been my fault, but at the time, it seemed suspicious.)

Where did my post go? Was I censored by Facebook or Networkedblogs?

Or did someone complain that they felt the title or article was offensive and the post was pulled?

I renamed it, changed a few words and reposted it and everything worked fine, three hours later.

If I was censored for offending someone, I'm in shock. I see people all day long cussing, swearing, trashing other people, not to mention the chat popping up with Internet whores - why was I so offensive?

Frankly, I'm incredibly offended by all the games that Facebook whores themselves out to. I blew off deleting the invites to Suck A Rose, Kiss A Bear, Unwrap A Gift, Blow A Monkey and whatever else came down the pike over the last several months. I had 84 requests for pure bullshit. It took me thirty minutes or more to go through, deny and block the silly games.

I never block the person because I give them the benefit of the doubt, "Hey, they got caught up in the moment and sent this fun Brillo Pad up my ass without knowing that I don't consider it fun." We all make mistakes.

I'm still wondering what happened to my post. It ain't there. Where did it go or where was it sent?

I would like to see Facebook and Twitter get serious about the Cam-girls that constantly hound men through chat. On Twitter it would be so simple to get rid of the whores. Twitter should write code that says you can't tweet with an enclosed link until you have 25 followers - because none of the whores have followers and they're not following anyone, but they have 500 tweets to individuals with links to porn or really cheap furniture.

On Facebook, it might be tougher to smack down the hoes.

But I'd really like to see them stop those frivolous games or give us an option in Privacy Settings that plainly says, "NO BULLSHIT GAMES" - Check!

In the meantime, I'm still wondering,"Was my Casey Anthony post censored by Facebook or Networkedblogs?" Maybe I should have sent a "Hug" along with the post. LOL.

Rewritten post with minor changes:
Casey Anthony Trial - Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty, WHAT?

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