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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Social Security Recipients Preparing To Kick Obama's Ass If Debt Ceiling Not Raised

Barack Obama working on his plan. 

While John Boehner keeps running out of meetings to get more tissues and Harry Reid is fumbling around trying to find the right room, the President is Tweeting about women's soccer, the NBA draft and his upcoming re-election bid. All of them are supposed to have their noses to the grindstone regarding the debt ceiling, which could have some dire consequences if it does not get resolved. Right now, Social Security recipients are preparing to kick Obama's ass if the debt ceiling is not raised

Isn't America a great country. You and I have to live within our means. Our government, though, can blow money like drunken politicians. Hey, that's what they are.

In 1917, the government established a debt ceiling of $11.5 Billion. It was supposed to keep spending under control. And we can see how well that has worked. Since March of 1962, the debt ceiling has been raised 74 times. Ten times since 2001. On May 16, 2011 the U.S. Government breached the debt ceiling of $14.295 TRILLION.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was able to pull some razzle-dazzle by using our country's Visa card to pay the bill on Mastercard and Discover and stiff the cable company for Al Gore's Internet by putting the bill in Newt Gingrich's name. Geithner was able to stave off creditors until August 2nd. Then the shit hits the fan, if Congress and the President can't work this out.

What happens if they don't increase the debt ceiling? The same thing that happens when your credit card is maxed out and they won't extend your line of credit, the government can't pay for the stuff they said they would.

No one is exactly sure what will happen if they blow this. But there is speculation that the government will default on bonds and other bills. China may call the loan on the White House and chicken feet will be served at the next State Dinner.

Government employees will probably still get paid - bastards.

But there is a threat that seniors will take the brunt of the bumblers in Washington and Social Security recipients might not get their checks August 1st.

That is the number one question I get from all the old people that come in the coffee shop where I work. "Are we gonna get our checks August 1st?" Like I've got Obama on iChat and I can get answers just because I have a computer and I know how to use "The Google". Like I'd waste time chatting with Obama, anyway.

Where did all this debt come from? In eight years, Bush added $4.36 TRILLION by going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and cutting taxes. But Baracky has added $3.9 TRILLION in just three years due to his failed stimulus packages and lower tax revenues caused by the recession.

I don't think the "government for the people" understands what will happen to "the people" if those checks don't go out. It's bad enough for working people who are struggling to survive. It's harder for those out of work and living on unemployment. But seniors and those on disability don't have any options. It's not like they can go out and mow lawns to make ends meet. They desperately rely on every penny of those Social Security checks. And if they're one day late, it can disrupt their whole world.

But what do we get from Washington? Political posturing. Finger pointing. Excuses. Tweets about women's soccer from Baracky.

But the president should be able to take some time off. NO. I don't. I work seven days a week because I'm trying to solve my own financial crisis. These fools should be on call 24/7. Get it done.

Some other things that might happen. Military check won't go out. Wall Street will freak out and sell off massively. Kiss about 50% of your 401(k) good-bye. Countries won't want to lend us money or do business with us. Foreign investment will come to a halt. You might as well torch all the major cities and just declare martial law and turn us into a Libya with better amusement parks.

It's time for Obama to stop making excuses and LEAD. That's his job Leader Of The Free World. He wanted the job. I think we're all a bit tired of him Hoping he can do the job, instead of knowing he can do the job.

Get a case of tissues for Boehner and put a GPS on Harry Reid and lock them in a room and make them get this done. Stuff a cork in Nancy Pelosi's self-serving mouth and maybe this can all come together.

If they don't get this done, the U.S. will be in deep shit. But there will be millions of seniors and disabled Americans that will suffer the most. And that is just wrong.

Barack better get it together because Social Security recipients are preparing to kick Obama's ass if the debt ceiling is not raised.


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