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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nancy Grace's Head Explodes Over Casey Anthony Verdict

Nancy Grace erupts after verdict.
For years we've seen famous TV attorney Nancy Grace throw all of her energy into high profile trials. She relentlessly attacks the accused and works to get them to confess right on TV. However, a trial in Florida put her over the edge. Nancy Grace's head explodes over Casey Anthony verdict

Producers of the Nancy Grace Show have been fearing this for years. Grace is known for her high-strung personality. She once ground a hot dog vendor into a New York sidewalk over whether he really had brown mustard or not. "She's like a pit bull," said one of her long-time staff members.

Another unidentified staffer said, "You really have to be careful around her voice. It has a certain tone to it that can be devastating. She once tried to read a Hello Kitty book and it burst into flames. We keep her away from anything soft and pink. But this trial. Woah!"

As the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial was read, America and Nancy Grace let out a collective, "NOT?" and "WTF?" - however, Nancy became like a broken record and that is all she muttered for the next two hours, then her head erupted in a huge mushroom cloud and she took a commercial break.

Her hairdresser feels that she'll be able to work around the large crater left in the top of Nancy Grace's skull. "It's amazing what we can do with weaves these days. She'll still have that harsh helmet look come tomorrow."

Headline News was glad to report, "We're glad that even a traumatic head injury will not effect Nancy's ability to work. We need her. She's the driving force behind our network."

Even though tragedy struck and Nancy Grace's head exploded over the Casey Anythony verdict, she'll be back at work and rattling our nerves on Wednesday. Just keep the children's books away from the TV.

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