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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Blog Hits New Milestones in Global And U.S. Traffic Rankings

Global traffic rank on July 5, 2011
There are many numbers that serious bloggers track - unique visitors, page views, time on site, revenue and more. However, two numbers tell you how you stack up against the whole of the Internet, and they are the Alexa Global and U.S. Traffic Rankings. After deciding to revive this blog on March 7th, 2011, I've passed up a lot of websites and blogs. I looked today at the rankings and my blog hit new milestones in global and U.S. traffic rankings.

You can go to and plug in any website or blog and see where it ranks in terms of traffic on a global and country basis. You can also find tons of data on search terms used to get to the site, audience info and more.

When you first start your site, you'll be on the outer reaches of the Internet. The Starship Enterprise will be needed to find you. However, if you put as much time into marketing your site as you do working on it, you can make some headway.

U.S. traffic rank on July 5, 2011
In four months, I've brought this site from a 10,000,000+ global ranking and somewhere well beyond a U.S. ranking of 1,000,000 to within the top million sites in the world and within the top 115,000 sites in the U.S.. Today's U.S. rank - 114,969; global rank 996,986. Traffic is based on a three month average.

This number varies throughout the day. It could be higher or lower tomorrow. But for this brief second, I'm rather excited about making such a leap forward. Six weeks ago, this site had a U.S. rank of 465,000.

Down in the far right column of this blog is a live global rank counter and a snapshot of the U.S. ranking on a given date. You can click on either of those numbers and go to and get all the info you want on this site or any other site.

Unfortunately, I think my rank will fall in the next month or two. I've had so many problems with my computer it has drastically cut into my productivity and marketing. My numbers were peaking two months ago; now, they've fallen off by 50% - and it's all due to me not doing the work - or not being able to do the work.

Just like your children, I had to take pictures of the traffic rankings. I'm sure I'll grow past them in the future, but for the moment I'm proud of my work and how far it has gotten me in such a short time. It's a good feeling to know my blog has hit new milestones in global and U.S. traffic rankings.

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  1. But Roger, I became a follower while you were "down". So even with all systems not a go, you still got it!!!

  2. Hey EP - You know I've been counting on you the whole time.... LOL... thanks for hanging around. It will get really fun once I get my concealed blogging license.


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