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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good Advertising - Hilarious Huggies Leak Lock Commercial

What's on your mind little man?
There are some very clever, funny commercials that pop up on television from time to time. Most of them are cute and earn a smile. Then, there are those commercials that just hit you in the head with funny. When I saw the hilarious Huggies Leak Lock commercial, I lost it. I had a similar experience when I changed my daughter's first diaper.

If you haven't seen it or you want to share it, it is below.

I hope you enjoyed the hilarious Huggies Leak Lock commercial. Share it - especially to men with wives or girlfriends that are expecting. "This is how it is EVERY DAY."

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  1. To contrast the great commercial, these diapers are crap. We've been using cloth diapers for the majority of our daughters 7 months in this world, occasionally we'd whip out a disposable for day-trips or overnight we will use disposables, so when we go away for a week we grabbed a bunch of disposables to take care of her business.

    This whole 'leak lock' thing is just a bunch of marketing bull, if you check to make sure your diaper is on your kid properly you're checking for 'leak lock' anyway. There are two layers, one is blue and the outer is plain diaper-white, this 'leak lock check' crap is just you making sure that the outer layer isn't somehow caught inside the inner layer.

    Ok so we did all that, and then our daughter is romping around in a playpen for a few mins, when I go to grab her the whole bottom is all soaked with something and it's not just the normal drool spot it's like a foot in diameter spot all nastied. Turns out her diaper leaked some nasty mix liquid poo (she is 7 months and this is like flash back to month 2-3 saucy poo). We've used pampers and they've held up to this sort of abuse.

    In conclousion, we've had better performance from pampers diapers, the leak lock is marketing crap and the diapers leak anyway. Waiting for some clothing company to come out with the 'both arms in your sleeves' check ...

  2. Great comment. I liked the commercial and could relate to the plight of the father - it's happened to me, but not quite as dramatically.

    It's a shame when the product does not fulfill the promise.

    You never see ads that say, "Our product works about 30% of the time. So, buy it anyway."

    Ultimately, consumers will decide what works for them, and tell their friends.

  3. This Huggies ad is NOT funny! It is disgusting. Babies (especially boys)are apt to do this, but not to the extreme portrayed in this ridiculous commercial. Every time this ad is played I am offended that Huggies has not had enough bad reviews to cancel it. Get it off the air!

  4. Everyone has a different sense of humor. You're entitled to not like it. And you're entitled to not buy their products.

    I had a similar situation when my daughter was born. It was her very first diaper change. I jumped in. As soon as I got the diaper open, she started spraying me and poop was shooting out. It was a disaster. I learned to laugh about it.

    Huggies struck a nerve for me. But it was my funny bone.

    Call Huggies hotline and complain.


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