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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Will Look For Caylee's Killer In Bars And Nightclubs

Casey Anthony waves good-bye to the truth.
Following Casey Anthony's shocking NOT GUILTY verdict on murder and a number of other felony counts, her attorney, Jose Baez, said that Casey Anthony will look for Caylee's killer in bars and nightclubs until she finds the person and brings him or her to justice. 

After a six week trial and one day of deliberations, a seven woman, five man jury found Casey Anthony NOT guilty of killing her daughter. She was only found guilty of a couple misdemeanor charges, one of which was lying to police. That charge could carry up to four years in prison, however, Casey Anthony has already spent three years locked up waiting for trial, so she could be out this weekend.

Since Casey Anthony is not guilty of killing Caylee Anthony, then it must be someone else, right? That's the logical conclusion. It's a circumstantial conclusion, but there has to be a killer. Caylee's death certainly wasn't a suicide.

Over the three years that Casey Anthony was locked up, she didn't spend too much time worrying about who really killed Caylee. I know if I was wrongly accused, I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs, "You've got the wrong guy. Get the killer. I want to help find the killer of my child." And I would not sleep at night knowing that my child's killer was on the loose.

Casey Anthony will resume her search that she began immediately following Caylee's disappearance and look for the killer in all of south Florida's bars and nightclubs.

Her plan is to spend as much time in bars during the week and save the nightclub search for the weekends when even more people are out clubbing - increasing her odds of finding the killer.

OK, so I'm handing you a pile of crap and that is what the legal system in Orlando delivered, a pile of crap. Who else? Who else could have committed this crime? If Casey is innocent, or rather, found not guilty, then file charges against her mother or her father. There has to be someone that killed Caylee.

There is a trial going in Cleveland right now for Anthony Sowell (no relation). He's accused of killing and dismembering eleven women. Bodies were found in his house, in the basement and buried in the backyard. His defense team said there is no DNA evidence that connects Anthony Sowell to any of the murders. I guess, someone was dumping bodies in his house and burying them in his yard and he had no clue.

Has our justice system outsmarted itself? Is DNA evidence a must in every case? If you can't find a fingerprint or a strand of hair, even though everything in the world points to a single person, that person can walk? The jury in Florida had their minds made up before they hit the deliberation room. They only stuck around for free breakfast and lunch before coming away with an amazing verdict.

Jay Leno said on the Tonight Show, "The O.J. jury came out of retirement and moved to Florida." They couldn't get it right, either.

I'm still in shock over this one, but I had a funny feeling about it before the verdict came through. Even though it is obvious that Casey Anthony doesn't give a rat's ass about that kid Caylee who was messing up her party life, I'm sure she'll cry some more tears for herself and the time she lost at the bars and nightclubs.

Her attorney said that Casey Anthony grew up in a fantasy world of lies. So, I guess we can believe that Casey Anthony will look for Caylee's killer in bars and nightclubs. I hear she's a bad tipper and never gives out her correct phone number.

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  1. She would make a wonderful preschool teacher.

  2. Schoolteacher? She's going to be a movie star and an author. She can't afford the pay cut.

  3. Hint: It's the never-caught culprit that offed Nicole Simpson.

  4. Julie - I've heard that theory. Always a mystery.


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