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Monday, July 4, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial - Does Anyone Think Casey Anthony Is Innocent?

Casey Anthony mug shot.
Closing arguments began in the Casey Anthony Trial on Sunday, July 3. Each side was given four hours to plead their case. Remarks by the defense team caused a recess in the trial, which pushed three hours of the closing arguments for the prosecution to Monday. After the prosecution concludes their case, Judge Belvin Perry will give final instructions to the jury and they will begin deliberations. At this point, does anyone think Casey Anthony is innocent?

It is a shame that this type of trial has to be held in the first place - the murder of a child - or if you believe the defense - an accidental death. OK, I have swampland in New Mexico to sell, are you in?

Here is a case where the accused is a proven habitual liar - pathological liar is the correct term. Casey Anthony doesn't know how to tell the truth. She couldn't tell you the correct color of her hair without a mirror and two witnesses. In fact, the whole family is a pack of liars - a fact the defense is using, "How could she not live in a fantasy world?" Well, even in fantasy land, killing a child is still a crime. There, they send dragons on gnomes to kill you when you've committed such a crime.

The State of Florida has a very well put together case, however, it is all circumstantial evidence. There are a lot of circumstances in this case, and they're all pretty ugly. DNA evidence is conspicuously absent. As Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, said, "It does not sound right that Casey Anthony was smart enough to outwit forensics experts, but dumb enough to leave Caylee's body 19 feet off a road."

Casey Anthony is dumb, that is a given. She's also self-centered and self-serving. And she's a really bad mother.

Jose Baez, defense. Jeff Ashton, prosecution.
How could your child go missing and you not report it for a month? I'm a father. I can't imagine waiting 90 seconds to report the problem, if my child went missing. But, Casey Anthony wasn't concerned with Caylee or her whereabouts. Then, the lies started.

During recorded jailhouse conversations with her parents that were released to the public, Casey focused on herself and how much she was suffering. Caylee, who?

Even though they found searches on her computer that all had to do with incapacitating or killing a person, which her mother lied about making - but she was at work. Even though the tow truck driver said there was a strong smell of chloroform and human decomposition in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car. Even though the duct tape was linked to her father. Even though the body was found just down the street from where Casey Anthony lived. Even though...  there is no DNA evidence, and in a capital murder case, that could be a problem for the prosecution.

Jose Baez, tried to argue that Caylee drown in the family swimming pool and the cover-up, which included Casey's father,  snowballed out of control. Casey's father has denied the defense offering.

If you rule out Casey Anthony as the killer, then who did it? Aliens?

Now, the phrase "burden of proof" will weigh heavily on the jury.

Caylee Anthony - who this trial is really about.
An NBC analyst following the trial said that during the closing arguments for the defense, all of the jurors made eye contact with Jose Baez. However, during the hour that prosecutor Jeff Ashton presented closing arguments, juror #5 was looking off in the distance and tapped a pen on her leg, apparently bored with the presentation. Could Casey Anthony get away with murder?

Casey Anthony's attorney has said that all the prosecution has done is to portray her as "a lying , no-good slut." I'll second that. But they haven't proven anything. Burden of proof - that's the key phrase.

From the outside, I don't think there are very many people that think Casey Anthony is innocent. Will a jury feel the same way? Or will we see "O.J. 2?"

Murder 1 requires premeditation. This charge carries the death penalty. I'm against the death penalty, but I think Casey Anthony should spend the rest of her life behind bars, solely on the fact that she is a disgrace to motherhood. She's tried to make this trial all about "her" and Caylee Anthony has been forgotten in the cesspool of selfishness coming from the accused.

Right now, I'm taking a poll on Facebook, and no one has voted innocent. You can take the poll in the right sidebar of this site.

Our justice system can be wonderful or confusing. This is a case where all the arrows point in one direction and it's not to the Aliens. If this case was held in a mob court, Casey Anthony would already have broken knuckles and be pleading for her life. However, burden of proof - lack of any DNA evidence - could stump a jury and Casey Anthony could walk. If this case was tried 30 years ago, DNA would not be an issue and the circumstantial case would look like a lock. But technology and times have changed. There is a higher bar for burden of proof.

Unfortunately, public opinion does not decide cases, a jury does. For helpless little Caylee Anthony, I hope the jury comes to the same decision as the court of public opinion.

I'm still asking, "Does anyone think Casey Anthony is innocent?"

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  1. I think she did have something to do with it, but i do not think she is the murderer. I have researched enough about this case to come to the conclusion that someone may have set her up, threatened her, or both. I think Casey knows something but she is not talking, and the reason she is not saying anything is because she is scared of someone. If you google the correct locations, you will find enough evidence to think as i do. At first i also believed she was a cold-blooded murder, but not after i found all this information. I also read that the duct tape used to suffocate Caylee had DNA that belonged to Caylee and someone unidentified. Look it up.

  2. You know, you may be right. However, the same thing was said about O.J. - There were drug dealers that did the killing in front of him so he could see what would happen to him if he talked. But there weren't any other footprints at the crime scene.

    I'm sure she knows a lot about what happened. A normal mother does not just ignore the fact that her child is missing. That alone has me hung up. She's been a liar all along. What can you believe?

    So, charge her with conspiracy to commit murder. I don't think that would fall under the double jeopardy rule.

    Thanks for the info. I'll have to do some more research.

  3. I believe that Casey is innocent I believe the George Anthony is the father of Caylee & that is why he covered it up & tried to make it look like Casey did it. I believe he put the body in the woods. He is a former cop he knows all to much & the tricks. I believe he was trying to set his daughter up to take the fall. He needed Casey out of way so he could protect the family secret that he sexually molested his daughter. Those who have molested have been brain washed by abusers to lie. I believe George told Casey that he would take care of everything & not say anything but tried to so how link it to her. There was never a DNA test on him only Lee.
    The believe that the Anthony's had Caylee cremated so no evidence would lead it back to George. I believe he was abused as a child too.
    Why did he try to commit suicide? When they were getting real close in thinking he had something to do with Caylee's death. If he was to be the father it would make sense. It is amazing to me how Casey loved the child in spite what you may think. I believe she got pregnant from George to try keep him away from her. George had a connection that was more than a grandfather was he the real father?
    One day the truth will come out.
    I believe that Casey maybe murdered before anyone will find out the truth. If anyone can see this as a possibility. I would like to hear. I am a victim of years of sexual abuse as a child in a institution. I finally found a good counselor she turned me onto a good book that may shed light on this. (The Wounded Heart). In this book it goes into behaviors that are similar to what Casey did we want to hide the pain of the abuse. Please pray for Casey that she gets help & that they get to the real truth. Thank you. She is innocent!

  4. I have to concur with Anonymous, perhaps there was someone that threatened her, and killed her child. Things escalated. And lies unfolded. Whoever then, threatened to kill her and her entire family.

    It's a dangerous world out there, and she got caught up in the mix. I'm sure during the month, she was hoping to come up with something, of what happened to her child. But with family and such, it's not easy to avoid.

  5. @ Anonymous2 - The theory that she knew what went down but was not the killer is being circulated on comments on other posts I've made. I can see that.

    @John - Your theory makes sense. At least it would explain why she has showed absolutely no concern for Caylee, only crying for herself and her own situation. However, I can't say she is innocent. If she knows anything, that makes her complicit or an accessory to murder - still a crime.

    I do appreciate you sharing. I'm passionate about a number of topics and sexual abuse I have not covered yet. I've written a lot about mental illness, since that is something I deal with, daily.

    However, molestation is severely damaging and can take a lifetime to erase from memories. I need to do more research.

    If you would like to share more about your personal situation, I could include you in an article - under a different name - email me details at

    I write a lot of funny stuff here, but I have my opinions and that's what rounds out this blog.

    I'm for your cause. Let me help. Thanks, again for sharing.

  6. If she was black she would have done harder time with or without a conspiracy murder charge think about it .


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