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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogger Lives To Write Another Day - Down, But Not Out

"I'm gonna get up an whoop yo ass."
This has been a long challenging summer. If you're a motorcycle cop and your Harley is missing two tires, you're reduced to a cop on the beat. If you're a farmer and your tractor blows up, you better go buy a horse and get out the 18th century plow. When a blogger's computer dies, he's forced to make do with a short window at the library, and that's where I am. This blogger lives to write another day - I'm down, but not out.

My poor little white iBookG4 was originally designed to give to high school or college students, or Asian 4 year olds. It didn't know what it was in for when I took over the keyboard. I'm what is known as a "Power User" - I'll have eleven or fifteen tabs open on my browser, up to four or five programs running in the background. And I go for long stretches without a break - sometimes 20 hours or more.

Let's just say that little iBook gets HOT. I can keep my coffee at Dunkin' Donuts warm, just by setting the cup near the laptop. It seems, I've managed to fry something and it ain't eggs. Since June 8th, I've been working at about 25% capacity, maintaining three blogs, four email accounts, two twitter accounts, keeping up with Facebook, LinkedIN, Blogged, NetworkedBlogs, StumpleUpon, and about a half a dozen other ways to interact. Makes me yearn for the days of the corner bar. "Hi, you look kinda drunk. You want to get drunker?" Then, I'd pass out and a guy with a mop would be my signal to leave. It was so easy then.

This past week, the funeral bells started ringing for my white iBook, which looked even more gaunt in the box I had prepared for it. It's screen goes black when you try to RESTART it and some code comes up at the top. I'm clueless. There is a guy I can call, but I'm going to wait. Because, "Yes, massa, even dough we's be toilin' in deez fields all a deez yearz. A brighter day be comin'. Sweet Jesus. A brighter day be comin'. Sing with me..."

Yes, a brigther day is coming. In less than a week, I should have a brand new, refurbished, used, second hand MacBook Pro. It's like a rocket compared to the iBook. It has a bigger monitor... Now, I can see everyone's toes in the nudie movies. YouTube videos will stream instead of spin. Tweetdeck will clip along and send hundreds of pre-programmed tweets for me every day. My blog will actually load in less than three minutes. "Yes, massa. A brighter day be comin'. And we have to sing our praises to Sweet Jesus for gettin' us troo dis horrible mess. Thank ya, Sweet Jesus." (I've been livin' in a black neighborhood too long.)

I will be able to relentlessly assault the Internet with humor, insights, fun facts, useful shit, health and wellness info, social satire, rips on our goverment, mental illness and disability advocacy, single-moms, more funny crap, hilarious stuff, and whatever else I feel like blogging about... Oh, yeah... blogging about blogging.

I have taken some big punches. I've gone down, but I ain't out. I've seen my traffic go up when I work and fall when I don't. But I'm still slamming content on Page 1 of Google with regularity - I'm an SEO whiz - so that's what keeps me going. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Yes, this blogger lives to write another day - for the moment, I'm down, but not out. 6... 5... 4... Get up... 3... "OH LOOK, HE'S UP ON HIS FEET. AND HE'S GOING TO MAKE IT TO THE BELL. I'VE NEVER SEEN A FIGHTER TAKE THIS MUCH PUNISHMENT AND GO ON. HE'S AMAZING!"

I challenge you to be amazing, too.

PS - Microsoft Sucks
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