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Thursday, July 14, 2011

America's Got Talent Season 6 - Hollywood #1 Results - Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anna Graceman bids farewell to Dezmond Meeks.
America has voted and it was time to see who would survive on America's Got Talent. There were no real surprises, although, one of my picks didn't make it, but I had the other three right for America's Got Talent Season 6, Hollywood Night #1 Results show on Wednesday, July 13, 2011.

First, I have to apologize for getting this out so late. I had a day. Enough said.

On the first results show for America's Got Talent, contestants would come out three at a time and learn their fate. First on the stage were The Fearless Flores Family - motorcycle family in a steel ball, Due Aero - married trapeze artists and Snap Boogie - hip, street dancer. My pick came through - Snap Boogie - and he leaped into the air with excitement.

Avril Lavigne performed two of her latest releases. I've heard her music for years, but I'm not that familiar with her look. Does she always wear Alice Cooper-style eye makeup? Little too much goo for me.

Next to learn the results of fan voting - Squonk Opera - a musical performance art group, Sandou Trio Russian Bar - it is what it sounds like and comedian J Chris Newberg. Based on the performances on Tuesday, two of these acts didn't have much of a chance. The best of the trio turned out to be the Trio - Sandou Trio Russian Bar is moving on. They promise to take it up to a new level and do something different, otherwise, I don't see where this act is headed.

Another threesome of contestants came forward - Dezmond Meeks - singer/piano player, Echo of Animal Gardens - singing/talking parrot and the diminutive Anna Graceman. When I saw this group come forward, I knew it was the end of the line for Deszmond. I enjoyed him through this competition, but I knew there was no way he was beating Anna Graceman. And unlike last year where Nick Cannon spoofed the audience by saying that no one was moving on, it was too late in the show to pull that trick. Anna Graceman takes her big voice to the semi-finals, and she certainly deserves it.

One of the AGT time fillers performed - members of the Broadway musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I never quite heard a rendition of MacArthur Park like that before. And I hope I don't again.

The final group of contestants took the stage - Miami All-Stars - Hot, Latin dance group, Those Funny Little People - giant elves and The Fiddleheads - a blue grass band.

There was a twist to this elimination, the act with the lowest vote total would be asked to leave the stage and the judges would decide who goes on. Piers was thrilled as the gigantic elves were asked to leave. It came down to the dancers or the blue grass boys. To me, this wasn't a tough choice - Miami All-Stars were picked to go into the semi-finals. Yeah!

A dozen more contestants perform for what might be their last time on next Tuesday. One of these weeks America's Got Talent has to pop in the YouTube contestants. I don't know when that will be, but it should be fun. Jackie Evancho came from a YouTube audition last year, so expect some top notch talent to take a shot at the America's Got Talent $1 Million prize and a headlining show in Las Vegas.

No big surprises on the America's Got Talent Season 6 - Hollywood Night #1 Results show on Wednesday, July 13, 2011. Can't wait for next week, though.

Photo from NBC/AGT Website

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