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Thursday, July 28, 2011

America's Got Talent Results - Hollywood #3 - Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nick Cannon with Lys Agnes - she's moving on.
Tuesday night's performances on America's Got Talent produced five or six strong finishers. As usual, everyone was nervous waiting for America's Got Talent Results - Hollywood #3 - July 27, 2011.

After the usual introduction of the judges, host Nick Cannon called to the stage: Ian Johnson, Summerwind Skippers, and Purrfect Angelz. As the camera did it's usual close-ups before it pans a group shot, Cannon finally announced, "No one. No one is moving on."

The stunned group left the stage and then rock legend, Stevie Nicks, performed a song from her new album, For What It's Worth. After she sang, chatting with Nick Cannon, Stevie said that last year's America's Got Talent winner, Michael Grimm, would be going on tour with her this year.

Two more acts were called to the stage to find out their fate: POPLYFE and Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. This was a scary moment, because both acts looked like they did well enough on Tuesday to go on in the competition. And that is exactly what the results were - both acts were moving on.

Murphy said, "I feel like I'm on top of the world.

Sharon added, "I feel strongly that both of you are going to be in the finals."

Next to see which direction they were headed were four acts: Mauricio Herrera, Captain and Maybelle, Lys Agnes and Monet. This looked pretty simple to figure out who would move on. One of last night's best performances against the three acts that got lukewarm or scalding remarks from the judges. Lys Agnes was called to head to the semi-finals.

One of last year's finalists, Fighting Gravity, put on a performance that brought all three judges to their feet. They are currently working on a show that they expect to have in Vegas or on Broadway sometime next year.

Stevie Nicks returned to sing one of her hits, Age Of Seventeen. It's nice to see that she still has the same wardrobe from the 1970's.

What was funny, immediately following America's Got Talent, I checked a tool I have that shows what is trending on Google. Stevie Nicks was the #1 search. I'm guessing a lot of young people where wondering, "Who's the old lady in black?"

AGT was down to the last three acts in the Green Room - SH'BOSS BOYS, Professor Splash, and Seth Grabel. Nick Cannon was going to send one act home right away and leave the two acts that came in fourth and fifth in fan voting. First to go - SH'BOSS BOYS. It was cute. When their names were called, the five year old thought they won and he started jumping up and down. The six year old grabbed him and whispered - No - and the look on his face changed real quick.

Now, the judges had to decide between a daredevil and a magician. Sharon felt strongly about Grabel and picked him. Howie was torn between the two and his Twitter followers were split down the middle, too. After eying both contestants, Howie gave his vote to Professor Splash. Piers would be the deciding vote. He was in the same position as Howie. Both acts deserved to go on. He had a choice between a slick magician that could be in Vegas tomorrow or a guy that threatens to kill himself with every performance. After a moment of thought, Piers came to a decision, "I'm going with the act that I think has the best chance of winning, and I'm going to put through Professor Splash.

I was a bit surprised because Splash-man can only dive so high and into so many things. After that, what do you do? Grabel, however, like any magician can put together trick after trick and make a whole show out of it.

Professor Splash won't be around for the finals in my opinion. His time is limited on AGT.

With the exception of the judges vote, no surprises on America's Got Talent Results - Hollywood #3 - Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

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