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Thursday, July 21, 2011

America's Got Talent Results - Hollywood #2 - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daniel Joseph Baker made his parents proud.
AGT saw some wow performances on Tuesday and a few that literally pooped out. After seeing the acts, there were two or three that you knew were going to go through. And we waited as America voted to give us America's Got Talent Results for Hollywood #2 - Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

Probably the best performance of the night was by Silhouettes. Nick Cannon called them forward, along with The Rhinestone Ropers, whose horse took a dump on the stage after a lousy performance, and Thomas John the unsure-handed juggler. This elimination was a no-brainer. Silhouettes was voted to move on to the semi-finals for AGT. Piers Morgan said, "Last night you were absolutely sensational."

Before the eliminations continued, Hot Chelle Rae performed their smash hit Tonight Tonight, which really pumped up the live audience.

When Nick Cannon returned to the stage, he called forward Steven Retchless, the pole dancer that Piers panned the night before, Attack Dance Crew and one-liner comedian Geechy Guy. I had picked Retchless as a long shot, and he wound up being pushed through by the fans. His big challenge will be: How much can he up his act to stay in this competition?

Moving quickly to another elimination, called to the stage were the three singers from Tuesday: Daniel Joseph Baker, Dani Shay and Dylan Andre. I knew this would be the end of the road for Dani Shay after Daniel Joseph Baker exploded with a breakout performance on Tuesday. And the flamboyant, fierce one quietly and humbly accepted his nod from America that put him in the semi-finals. He was basking in the moment.

More live entertainment was provided by Traces. If you did not see this performance, you have to go to the NBC/AGT website and watch it. They did things I have never seen before. Their show began with a man in a large steel ring. He rolled and spun in a way that was completely unique. Then there were tumblers and acrobats and men flying on poles. You HAVE to check it out on the website if you missed it.

That left three contestants to find out their fate by the judge's vote. On the stage were The Smage Brothers Riding Show, Mona Lisa - singing twins, and Landon Swank - the magician. The act with the lowest fan votes was eliminated first, and that was the adorable duo Mona Lisa.

When the Smage Brothers were asked to plead their case to move forward, Troy, the guy that lays on the stage while the brothers jump over him on their motorcycles said, "They're getting awful close to my face. I don't know if I want to move on."

Sharon Osbourne was not impressed with Landon Swank on Tuesday and she voted for the Smage Brothers. Piers Morgan has been a big fan of Landon Swank all along and voted for him based on his body of work, not so much for his Tuesday performance. Howie Mandel was left as the tie breaker and he voted based on the "now" and clearly, on Tuesday, the Smage Brothers had the most exciting performance - so they'll be going to the semi-finals.

I was three out of four last week, and three out of four this week - but I did have Steven Retchless on my long shot list.

Silhouettes, Steven Retchless, Daniel Joseph Baker and The Smage Brothers Riding Show join Anna Graceman, the 11 year old singing sensation, Sandou Trio Russian Bar, Snap Boogie and Miami All-Stars in the semi-finals.

Before I let you go, I'd like to give a shout out to AGT_Fan on Twitter for retweeting these posts and exposing more people to this blog. Thanks!!!! 

America has voted and America's Got Talent Results for Hollywood #2 on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 didn't produce any huge surprises. The talent on AGT is rising to the top. More next week.

Photo from NBC/AGT

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