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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

America's Got Talent Live - Hollywood #3 - Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. wowed the crowd and judges.
This night promised to be a big one on America's Got Talent. Some of the most talented acts performing this season would be going head to head. Almost everyone performed well, but there were a couple clunkers on America's Got Talent Live - Hollywood #3 - Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

On tonight's show, you had fabulous singers, a hot band, magic, Yo-Yo's, tiny rappers, hot dancers, insane entertainment and a daredevil act. There were only a couple acts of the twelve to perform that you could say were doomed from the get-go, but here is how the talent played out on AGT in Hollywood:
  1. Summerwind Skippers - Jump Rope Team - Boise, ID -  Lots of energy and movement from these two girls and four boys. Piers was flat on them the last time they performed in Vegas. However, tonight he said, "You made skipping sexy." Sharon agreed, "It doesn't look like you're in the school yard anymore." Howie was scratching his dome, "I don't know if I'd sit through one more song of your act."
  2. SH'BOSS BOYS - Child Rappers - Atlanta, GA - These tots are 5, 6 and 7 years old and they gave it their all. Sharon, "You thoroughly entertained me." Howie, "You're adorable and America's going to love you." Piers wasn't fond of their song, ABC, "When you do the rap stuff, that is brilliant."
  3. Mauricio Herrera - Entertainer - Pamona, CA - Looking fit and trim after losing 19 pounds, Mauricio started with his version of Viva Las Vegas - after that it was all downhill. He has more cheese in his act than a Velveeta factory. Piers buzzed him about halfway through and Sharon's X wasn't far behind. Howie was the only one who seemed to enjoy the fabulous Mauricio, "It's so schmaltzy it's funny." Piers was brutal, "If I was on holiday at a hotel and I go to the bar and an act like you comes out at 11 o'clock, I would literally go back to the room, pack my bags and move out." Sharon, "The galloping kinda threw me." 
  4. Seth Grabel - Magician/Illusionist - Los Angeles, CA - Seth was going big. He was suspended over a vat of boiling hot tar, wearing a straight jacket. He escaped, but fell into the vat. Out of the bottom of the vat comes a troupe of girls carrying a body, which they loaded into a cannon. The cannon fires and Seth appears across the stage in a tank of water. All three judges liked his show. Piers, "All around your best performance." - I was a little miffed about the vat of "hot tar" - I know what hot tar is like and you couldn't have people under it or touching the tank without gloves. That was a corny element to me. 
  5. POPLYFE - Rock Band - Oakland, CA - This group features a female singer and five band mates. She sang Adele's Rolling In The Deep, and rocked it. Sharon, "You've got everything going for you guys." Howie, "You are by far the best act of the night." Piers even loved them,"You guys were brilliant. The whole thing was great."
  6. Ian Johnson - Yo-Yo Master - Hebron, IL - The 16 year-old Yo-Yo Kid did all he could to wow the crowd, but he messed up several times and his Yo didn't go - and the judges noticed every flub. Piers buzzed him halfway through his act. Howie was questioning, "Is it a headlining act?" Piers was blunt, "You made Yo-Yoing as exciting as you could make it. The problem is it's still boring." Sharon wanted to see more of Ian's personality, if he was to perform again. 
  7. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. - Singer - Logan, WV - The tall black man with the dredlocks came out in a slick suit and wowed the crowd with his rendition of the Sinatra classic, In Other Words. He earned a standing ovation from all three judges and the audience was ecstatic. Piers smiled and said, "You came to play, Landau. And I tell you, you've got that factor we look for and the audience loved it." Sharon, "America does have talent and it stood right in front of me." Howie rehashed how Landau's life has been changed forever and added, "You have the opportunity on America's Got Talent to go all the way."
  8. Purrfect Angelz - Female Dance Troupe - Los Angeles, CA - You can't go wrong with eight sexy former NFL and NBA cheerleaders in hot cowboy outfits, until Piers buzzed them right at the end of their performance. Howie started off by saying, "You get certain feelings with certain acts and I was feeling that I wanted to order the chicken wings because this was the best Hooters I'd ever been to." Piers explained why he buzzed them, "I honestly don't think you have a chance of going through." Sharon was somewhat unsure, too, "You're all great dancers and amazingly fit ladies, but is it a million dollar act?"
  9. Monet - Singer - This girl was homeless after hurricane Wilma. She's only 12 and she looked fabulous. However, she missed some notes and all of the judges tried to let her down gently. Howie, "You have so much passion and so much heart, which makes up for the fact that you don't hit every note." Piers, "I see real promise, but you're just not mature enough yet." Sharon, "What you lacked with your tuning you make up with your performance and your heart."
  10. Captain and Maybelle - Carnival Freak Show - Atlanta, GA - What do you say after someone swings a pot from a hook through their tongue and then the nose and puts hooks in his eyelids and lifts a weight? Piers had the answer, "You two are without any question the most disgusting people in America." Sharon was still shaking, "After you put the frying pan with the hook through your nose [talking to Maybelle], I kinda turned away. So I really couldn't judge the whole thing." Howie, "I don't know what to say about it." 
  11. Lys Agnes  - Opera Singer -  Denver, CO - In a stunning outfit, with her long blonde braided hair up on top and framed by a giant gold picture frame, she performed like a world-class opera singer. Howie and Sharon gave her a standing ovation. Piers, "It didn't knock me out." Howie was the most enthusiastic, "You make opera accessible to the masses because of your style." 
  12. Professor Splash - High Dive Act - Denver, CO - Everyone had to go outside where the Professor was poised to set a World Record, diving from 36' 7" into 12 inches of water. After a long pause, he did it. Down, down, down and whamo! A couple seconds of silence passed and he stood up, apparently unharmed. Howie said, "I was so scared, and I would have lost my job, but I wanted to scream - Don't do it!" Piers and Sharon were simple and to the point - Sensational and spectacular, respectively. 
After seeing all of the acts, the four I think have the best chance of moving on are:
  • Seth Grabel - He's slick and upped his show. No mistakes this time. 
  • POPLYFE - Extremely strong performance. 
  • Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. - He was probably the best of the night. 
  • Lys Agnes - She has the looks, the voice and the confidence to go on. 
Professor Splash is dynamic and exciting, but where can he go with this act? And how many times can he do it before he flattens himself? He keeps promising fire in his next performance. We'll see. The judges response was strong enough for him where he could be a contender. A flat one. But a contender.

Tomorrow night, results and a performance by Stevie Nicks and last year's finalists, Fighting Gravity.

Overall, everyone did great, except for Mauricio and the Yo-Yo Kid on America's Got Talent - Hollywood #3 - Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

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