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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

America's Got Talent Live - Hollywood #2 - Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did Justin Bieber, I mean, Dani Shay make it on AGT?
After the opening theme and credits concluded, Nick Cannon reminded everyone what is at stake, "Twelve acts will perform, but only four will make it to the semifinals and a chance at $1 Million and a headlining show in Las Vegas." There is no more room for error. No second chances on America's Got Talent Live - Hollywood #2 - Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

Through the two-hour AGT show, there were some WOWS, but more WHOOPS. However, I see three acts that should easily go through to the semi-finals, but I'll need your input on the group that I'm not sure about. Last week, I picked three out of the four semi-finalists. This week, I feel confident with three of my picks, but you tell me who should be the fourth.

Following are recaps of all of the America's Got Talent performances and the judge's reactions:
  1. Attack Dance Crew - 8 guys dancing - Tallahassee, FL - Dressed in black jogging outfits with neon green accents, these guys tumbled and jumped all around the stage. There was more acrobatics than dancing. Piers and Sharon felt the choreography needed to be better. Howie remained confused, "You're like cheerleaders. I don't get it." Vote: 1-866-602-4801
  2. Dani Shay - Singer/Musician - Orlando, FL - She began playing guitar, seated on a couch in a set that looked like a living room. I'm not familiar with the song she selected, and I'm sure a lot of people aren't sure either. Her performance was very solid. Sharon, "Amazing" Howie, "You need to pick more popular songs. This is a popularity contest." Piers, "Good performance, but it wasn't perfect." I'm still amazed she hasn't given up the Justin Bieber haircut. In entertainment, you're supposed to be unique. She looks like Justin Bieber's older twin sister. Biologically, I don't know how that works out, but she need a new doo. Vote: 1-866-602-4802
  3. Geechy Guy - Standup Comic - Rochester, MI - Geechy has been on the standup circuit a long time. I remember him from when I was doing standup in the 1990's. His style is rapid fire one-liners. No one seemed impressed with his performance, however. Howie gave him a mild good-bye by saying, "You're a very good comic and you deserve to earn a living." Piers tore into him, "Your act is like being smashed over the head with a hammer every five seconds." Sharon softened the blows in her usual way, "I get the silliness of your act." As much as I like him, I think it's bye-bye Guy. Vote: 1-866-602-4803
  4. Daniel Joseph Baker - Singer/Musician - Katy, TX - Danial puts the flame in flamboyant. And he's fierce. Very fierce. And fluffy. However, when the spotlight turns on, he's like an animal. Starting at a zebra striped piano, he wailed away, then grabbed the mic and took center stage, completely commanding the stage and the crowd. This was by far his best performance of the season. What is amazing is that he's never performed on stage before. His experience is a bit of church choir singing and school stuff. Piers complimented him, "I like you as a performer." Sharon, "You're a very special person because you're a star." Howie, commenting about Daniel's fierceness, "You're like the next Lady GuyGuy. You are a star." He is. However, his "Snap" could turn some viewers off and set him back. If he tones down the flames, he should make it to the finals. Vote: 1-866-602-4804
  5. The Rhinestone Ropers - Cowboy Trick Acts - Jerome, ID - This duo gave us lots of excitement in their first two performances - guns, knives, WOW. On Tuesday, however, they brought out a horse and it was really slow and rather lame. And the horse crapped on the stage. Sharon, "It reminded me of entertaining kids at a birthday party." Howie, "It wasn't exciting." Piers, "A complete train wreck." Vote: 1-866-602-4805
  6. Dylan Andre - Singer/Musician - Taylorville (?), PA - His mother is a singer and was offered a contract years ago, but her father wouldn't let her sign it. So, Dylan is carrying on his mother's dream. He's only been singing for a year - and it shows. He just doesn't have the confidence or the command of the stage. He'll get more votes for his looks than his talent, at this stage in his career. Howie, "It was good, but not the performance you needed." Piers, "Would I buy an album of yours or pay for a concert ticket? I wouldn't." Sharon, "You need more confidence." Vote: 1-866-602-4806
  7. Landon Swank - Magician - Wasilla, AK - He performed an amazing trick - basically coming through a double-sided mirror. But it took a long time to set-up and was a bit dull. Landon has some very tough competitors in the magic category on America's Got Talent. So, he really needed a WOW performance. Piers was positive, while Howie and Sharon were lukewarm. Piers, "I don't know how you do it and that's the mark of a good magician." Sharon, "I'm confused." Howie, "Presentation wasn't as slick as what you've done before." Vote: 1-866-602-4807
  8. Smage Brothers Riding Show - Motorcycle Daredevils - Elkhorn (?), WI - Last year, there was a guy who did a lot of the same tricks, but on a bicycle. It has to be a hundred times harder to make pinpoint moves with a motorcycle - and that is what they did. Jumping, hopping from one aerial platform to another, riding down stairs, hopping within inches of their friend's face. One of the Smage Brothers actually caught the bill of their friend's cap with his cycle tire. Talk about trust, danger or sheer lunacy. Sharon, "Just fantastic." Howie, "A great act." Piers, "You just woke us all up." I was really impressed with these guys this week. However, can they be a headlining act? Vote: 1-866-602-4808
  9. Thomas John - Juggler - San Francisco, CA - The first rule of juggling is, "Don't drop shit." And Thomas did, several times. I saw it, you saw it and so did the judges. Piers and Sharon buzzed him halfway through his act. In the end, Howie, "You had a little trouble, but you're talented and funny." Piers, "It was terrible." Sharon, "You were taking too long and your timing was off." Not to mention those fallen pins. Vote: 1-866-602-4809
  10. Steven Retchless - Pole Dancer - New York, NY - Working with two poles, he performed his extremely acrobatic moves. But Piers wasn't impressed and buzzed him in the middle of his act. When Steven was finished, Piers stated, "There is a reason there are no male pole dancing clubs in America." Sharon, "It was spectacular." Howie, 'Last year we had Prince Poppycock. You could be Prince Poleycock." OK, Howie. Vote: 1-866-602-4810
  11. Mona Lisa - Twin Singing Sisters - Houston, TX - Tonight, the gorgeous twins did not play piano as they have in previous auditions and went solely on the strength of their voices. The harmonies were great, but did they really showcase their range? Sharon, "You've got everything going for you." Howie, "You're up against some really powerful acts." Piers, "A little bit lacking in the Wow-factor." Vote: 1-866-602-4811
  12. Silhouettes - 42 member performance art/dancers - The youngest member of the group is 3 years-old. They go up in age from there. This is an amazingly unique, creative and visually interesting act - different than anything you've ever seen on America's Got Talent. Their performance was a tribute to America. If you missed it, you have to go to the NBC/AGT website and watch it when it is available, sometime on Wednesday afternoon. Performing to God Bless America, the boys and girls who perform behind a curtain and in front of a spotlight, created shapes and shadows on the curtain that completely blew my mind. When they were finished, they got a standing ovation from all of the judges and the audience. Piers, "That was complete genius. I absolutely loved it." Sharon, "Just brilliant." Howie, "It was original, unique, and WOW. You are worthy of your own show." Unless something insane happens, they will be in the finals. Vote: 1-866-602-4812
Now for my picks. These are in order - best first.

  • Silouhettes - So unique and creative. And they have unlimited room to grow. Only imagination can hold them back. I expect to see them in the finals. 
  • Daniel Joseph Baker - He is a born performer. He just needs to tone down his Lady GaGa flamboyance and he should do fine. I expect him to make it to the finals. 
  • Smage Brothers Riding Show - Initially, I felt these guys were more an element of a show. However, they were exciting, dangerous and dynamic. I'm still not sure if an audience can sit through an hour of screaming motorcycles. However, their Tuesday night performance had the WOW-factor. 
On the cusp:
  • Dani Shay - Talented, but I have a real problem with her look. And she's trying to be too independent with her song choices. She needs to stay a bit more mainstream to win this, then she can go off in her message-filled world. 
  • Landon Swank - His previous auditions were amazing. Tuesday, he performed a really cool trick, but it seemed slow and there were loose ends. Why did he have Nick Cannon sign both sides of the mirrors? I understand why he signed the front, but why the back? I'm confused. 
  • Mona Lisa - They have the look, the voices, but were they strong enough? Like the judges have said many times in the past, "Your song choices tell us a lot about the decision making you would exercise as a professional. Did they pick the right song? 
Long shot:
  • Steven Retchless  - He is an amazing athlete. It takes great skill to do what he does. But it seems that there are about a dozen moves he does on the pole and then the show repeats itself. Plus, I don't know if Joe Boxer Shorts of middle America is ready to vote for a guy swingin' on a pole. That ain't right. 
If you agree or disagree, feel free to leave comments below. It's getting interesting and I'm ready to defend my choices. I was right on three out of four last week. I'm confident I'm at least three out of four this week. Let me know what you think.

No second chances on America's Got Talent Live - Hollywood #2 - Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

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