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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Advertising - Cadillac's Raindrops Commercial Sells The Useless Benefit

Would you drive this Cadillac CTS-V 190 mph?
In advertising, there are many ways to sell your product - creating a cool image, creating a relationship to an experience people desire, price, benefits and the useless benefit. Yes, the useless benefit. And a perfect example is Cadillac's Raindrops commercial and it sells the useless benefit.  

This tactic is not anything new in advertising. Since advertising has been around, people have been told that "This product is great, it contains XYZ" and no one had a clue what XYZ was; but it was in there and I was told XYZ is what I want. So, I better get that product because I need XYX in my life.

Cadillac is selling a completely useless benefit in their Raindrops commercial for their CTS-V coupe. They are trying to tell you that their windshield wipers have been designed and tested to keep clearing the windshield, even under extreme conditions.

I had to look up the commercial and see it again just to make sure I had the copy line of the extreme conditions correct. It says, "At 190 miles per hour..." STOP RIGHT THERE. At 190 mph? At 190 mph, I don't think you have to worry about your wipers staying on the windshield. At 190 mph in a rainstorm, you will be hydroplaning so badly, the only thing you'll be concerned about are the air bags, if you live.

Who is driving 190 mph in the rain? Only someone that stole a Cadillac. Isn't the highest posted speed limit in the United States 75 mph? Do we need a car that can go over 200 mph and be confident in its wipers? How does it do on semi-frozen lakes in the spring? Not sure, but I'm positive we can work up another useless benefit.

Here is the commercial.

My point is, watch television with a touch of a critical mind. We can't buy everything the advertisers tell us. For now, Cadillac's Raindrops commercial is selling the useless benefit, but they don't tell you that guy is running from the cops.

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