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Friday, June 24, 2011

Use #Twitter To Promote The Good #iLike(city) and Dis The Bad #iHate(City)

Use #TweetWalk to let people know what you like.
One of the worst things you can do in life is get too lodged into your comfort zone. You don't see new things, you won't get new perspectives, you'll come up with fewer ideas and you'll get fat as hell. When I lost my computer for two weeks, I was in total panic mode. But I had to do something. I could no longer stay buried in a coffee shop, library or restaurant. I had to go out and mix with the rest of the world. On my first excursion, I came up with an idea and it is brilliant, and you need to start using it too. You can use #Twitter to promote the good with #iLike(city) and Dis the bad with #iHate(city).

This idea was created during one of my manic modes. I didn't have a computer. I was using the library computer, but for only 2 hours a day. I could see my blog traffic slowly sliding away. Then, I decided, "I HAVE TO TWEET" - any way I can.

I was walking into stores and asking them if I could send out a tweet on their computer. Yes, I got a lot of puzzled looks, especially from the people that had no idea what Twitter is.

My mania pushed me even farther, I started hanging out in bars and looking for people with smartphones. "Excuse me, could I borrow your phone to make a tweet?" There were laughs and there were confused looks and one really drunk guy said, "Why don't you tweet your sorry ass out of here." I did. Tweet. Tweet.

What worked best was when I could talk to the business owner or the barmaids or waitresses. I'd tell them, "I need to make two tweets," and they'd laugh, "one is to promote my blog because my computer is broken and the other I'll do about your business. Ya' know, give you a plug. And I'll send it to someone I follow who had 3 or 4 million followers." Smartphones whipped out faster than Anthony Weiner photos.

As I was doing my tweet, I'd tell them, "Get me a business card or write down your address and phone number on a piece of paper. They quickly did. Then, I'd do the second tweet. But I know how twitter works and I had to come up with a hashtag (#) that would tie this all together. After a few different ideas, I originally came up with #TweetWalk, but as of July 4th I've changed it to #iLike. It's shorter and it is a hashtag category where there is little going on. Then, came the brilliant part...

I thought about how Facebook has the LIKE button and you can LIKE most anything on any social networking site. Twitter really doesn't have a LIKE button. Sure, you can tweet, "I love the pizza at Joey's." But no one knows where the hell you are and you could be tweeting from a bomb crater in Palestine.

So I took #iLike one step further. Let's say you're at Leo's Irish Pub, and you're having a great time. Leo's place is in Peoria, IL. You would compose a tweet like this:

#iLikePeoria @ Leo's Irish Pub 1234 Dublin Dr. near the Target on Center St. Great food. Hot chicks.
My example tweet has 40 characters/spaces left over. You can add a phone number, more comments, hours, or another hashtag. Then, people in Peoria can check out #iLikePeoria and see what's buzzing.

You can also tell people in Peoria - or whatever city you are in - what you don't like. I did a tweet like that this morning.

I was at a Denny's restaurant writing and the table and booth bench were like they were covered in glue. I had to go get napkins myself, soak them with water in the server's station and go back and scour the table and bench. It was disgusting. And the service was lousy. That is where you use the evil twin of #iLike(City) - #iHate(city) So, I tweeted something like this...

#iHateCleveland Denny's at RT 91 and Euclid Ave is a filthy dump and the service is awful. I had to scour my table. It was gross.
We are in a tough economy. Everyone should be putting on their "A" game to get business. It drives me nuts when I get bad service, filth, bad attitudes, etc. I'll take my dead presidents elsewhere. This whole #iLike(city) concept rewards the good guys and #iHate(city) beats up the bad guys. Recessions thin the herd. The strong survive. That's the American way.

I call this Flash Marketing. It's the wired version of Guerrilla Marketing.

#iLike(city) produced a side benefit. When I told the business people that I was sending out a tweet to millions of people on the Internet, I got a lot of free and discounted stuff on my journey. One night, I never spent a dime and had a blast. 

America loves shows where we get to vote. We get to pick the winners and let the losers slip away. #iLike(city) is the way to capture your vote via smartphone or laptop or tablet and provide a service to other consumers in your community.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can look up #iLikeNYC #iLikeMiami #iLikeLasVegas #iLikeDenver and see what is hot. Check #iHate(city) to see what is not.

This is a great idea. It empowers YOU to feed the strong and kill off the weak.

So, get your ass out there with your smartphone and do a little #iLike(City) or #iHate(city) and we'll all be better off.

This is the right way to use #Twitter to promote the good with #iLike(city) and Dis the bad with #iHate(city).

And to get this rolling, you need to share this on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIN it, Google Buzz it, etc. Pass the word. Be part of creating something new and highly useful. Thank you.

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