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Friday, June 3, 2011

Profile Of A Twitter Spammer. STOP SPAM. Report Them.

Profile pic of spammer on Twitter.
Because I'm an active Twitter user, I get a couple @Mentions a day (Tweets directed at me @RogerBlazic) that look suspicious. They usually only have a link in them. Once I check the sender's profile, I know I've found the profile of a Twitter spammer. STOP SPAM. Report them. 

I've followed a few of the links on the tweets that only contain a link. About 90% of the time, you get a porn site. The rest of the time you get who knows what. It could be a furniture store, a special online deal, food offers, etc. Most of these sites are probably phishing sites and are looking to suck personal information from your account, for who knows what. (Didn't I use that phrase earlier? - Oh yeah, it came back again, just like the SPAM.)

If you get a tweet that has nothing but a link in it, click on the sender's Twitter name and check the profile first. It will probably look like this...

The giveaway is that this account is following "0", has "0" followers and isn't on any lists. I reported this one with only 13 tweets. This phony account was probably set up about 10 minutes before I got the SPAM tweet. This SPAMMER actually took the time to upload a profile picture. Most of the time these tweets come with the generic Twitter egg as their profile picture. That's a big tip off.

What amazes me is that I've seen these same type of 0, 0, 0 accounts and they have 150 or 400 tweets. That means that Twitter users are just ignoring them and letting them clog up Twitter with garbage. Report SPAM.

OK... I'll give you a break. Maybe you don't know how to report them. It's simple.

Click on the user's name. On their profile will be a little box like this...

Click on the box and you will get a drop down menu that looks like this...

Click on the bottom line, REPORT WALMART FOR SPAM... done.

It will block the user, delete their tweet from your timeline and @Mentions and give them a black eye in the Twitter world. It only takes a handful of people to let the Master Tweeters know that this is a bad account and then they shut it down. Stopping SPAM should be everyone's duty and responsibility. Don't let those SPAMMERS go by. Don't just delete their tweet. REPORT SPAM. It will make tweeting so much better.

The problem is, these SPAM accounts pop up like dandelions on a May day and they will keep popping up, as long as there is porn or phishing. In either case - porn or phishing - drop your poles and REPORT SPAM. Are you getting my message?

Twitter could stop this crap TODAY. All they have to do is put in their Terms of Service (TOS) that you cannot send tweets with links in them until you have 20 followers. These spam accounts always have ZERO followers. If they're lucky, they'll have ONE. A simple change in Twitter's software and this problem could be over TODAY.

I have pumped this message out a number of times on Twitter, but then I risk being a SPAMMER with my SAFETY message. And it is a safety message. Do you want YOUR KIDS getting links with PORN in them? NO. So don't be a complainer on the sidelines and SHARE THIS MESSAGE. You can use the ShareThis button or the Twitter button below. 

Now you know how to spot a purveyor of SPAM and it's not in a can. Check profile of a Twitter Spammer. STOP SPAM. Report them. One more thing... RT this. Use the ShareThis or the Twitter button below. (I had to repeat it, just in case you didn't get my message the first time. Thank you. Happy Tweeting.

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Profile Of A Twitter Spammer. STOP SPAM. Report Them.
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