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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Blog Traffic Has Declined 75% Since My Computer Died June 8th

Don't tell me the freakin' sky is falling.
Professionals that perform at a high level usually have tools or instruments or sporting equipment that they use to accomplish their goals and make the world take notice. In 90 days, I had created one of the fastest growing sites on the global Internet and now, it's going to hell. My Blog traffic has declined 75% since my computer died on June 8th.

When the screen on my six-year-old iBookG4 went dark at 8:30 am on June 8th, I could see the castle start to crumble. I've done everything in my power to avoid a complete meltdown, but it has been hard and it's costing me money.

This blog was dormant for five months. Never put up one post. On March 7th, I started blogging again. In February, I was averaging about 12 page views a week. Through tons of writing, tons of research, SEO manipulation, heavy marketing and relentless work, I had driven my page views to an average of 9,300 a week in May. My site went from the outer reaches of the Internet with an Alexa ranking that was in the 10,000,000 zone to cracking into the top 450,000 sites in the U.S. Then disaster struck.

I was used to writing three to five posts a day, sharing posts on Facebook and a half dozen other sites like LinkedIN, Blogged, Google Buzz, Yahoo Bookmarks, etc. I would program in tweets on Tweetdeck to run 24/7. I was marketing while I was eating, sleeping or doing something away from the computer - which was rare.

I've been stuck using the computer at the library for two hours a day. I can't download Tweetdeck, I barely get through all of my replies on Facebook, email and Twitter and I have no time to write.

The SEO successes I had in the last month are gone, too. I was writing about Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With The Stars. I always had tough luck with DWTS, but three times I wound up on page one of Google, ABOVE THE FOLD, and ABOVE NBC - and it's THEIR SHOW.

Those shows ended right before my laptop died. I had decided to pick up The Voice and America's Got Talent for the summer and see if I could beat NBC at their own search placement again. Regardless, Yahoo and Bing brought me traffic for the times I missed page one of Google.

I had it all going on. Then... #VirtualDeath

So, now I'm working on my #SaveTheBlog campaign.

My programmed tweets are dwindling to a trickle. I had a handful that were programmed out a week or so past the TOD of my computer.

I went from 9,300 a week in page views to struggling to keep the number above 2,200. I have a counter on the right side of this blog, you can see exactly where I am over the last seven days.

With next to no marketing and a substantial drop in my posting, search engine placement on older posts and returning fans have kept my count from going to zero. At this point, I'd love to get ping attacked by robots, just to get my spirits up.

In the seasons of life, I'm having a bad summer.

Spring is the time of new growth, rebirth. You have to be diligent during that time, you only have so much time to create your Grand Opening or make your first impression. I planted a lot of seeds in the spring. A lot.

Everything was sailing along and then the processor gods killed me. Summer is the time when you think everything is flowing fine, but it's really the most dangerous time. Heat, drought, weeds, pests, etc. can kill your garden. I had not reached the point of long-term sustainability and I'm suffering because of it.

Fall is the time to reap what you sowed. Harvest. Celebrate. My harvest will be postponed.

Winter is the down time. During winter, you work on getting smarter, faster, quicker, stronger. Spring always follows winter in the cycle. So be prepared.

At the moment, I've been blasted back to the arctic and my summer is rather frigid. But I'm doing what I can.

I use up my 2 hour limit at the library the six days a week it is open. Right now, I'm at an Internet Cafe, which is a faux casino. People rent computers by paying for "phone time" and they play video poker, slots, etc. They earn points in the "Sweepstakes" and they can redeem the points for cash.

This place also rents computers for $6.00 an hour.

Last night, I was here all night until they closed on Saturday morning at 5:30 am and it only cost me a few bucks. The guy that worked Friday gives me a huge discount when I send out tweets about the place. The grumpy old man running the joint now makes me pay full price and he nails me to the second, "Your hour's up." So, it has cost me $30 to blog for five hours. I had to write a few things. I had to. Plus, I didn't want to go stir crazy like I did last week and wound up spending 11 hours in the emergency room because I had no place to go...  Cleveland sucks. I miss Vegas so much... I'm a 24/7 guy and that is my HOME... plus, my 10 year-old-daughter is there.

Learn a lesson. Don't rest. Keep driving. Success comes to those who wage a relentless pursuit to their goals. I won't be stopped. I'll get a computer back some day. But, in the meantime, I'll be scraping along, stealing computer time when I can, borrowing smart phones to send tweets, (I call it #tweetwalking), and yelling out my URL on street corners for an hour a day.

Time to run. Grumpy is going to shut this place down.


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