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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Blog Page Views Jumped 161% in May. New SEO And Marketing Added.

Page Vies for this blog increased 161% in May.
Visitors keep pouring in to at a rate I never anticipated. Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and expanded blog marketing created a 161% increase in Page Views for the month of May 2011.

When I revived this dormant blog on March 7th, 2011, I did not expect to be where I am now. It's been meteoric and surprising. But, I've been doing the right things to create the results.

In February 2011, while the blog was dormant, I had 49 page views. Working three weeks in March, I managed 1,589 page views. After tuning up my SEO practices, April saw an 800% increase in page views to 14,301.

My first thoughts were, "Gee, that will be tough to beat" and "Triple digit growth is over. Now, I'll be glad to have an increase in page views; and if the increase is 10% or more, I'll be very pleased."

Within seven days in May, this blog's page views had eclipsed April. I had no idea how far it would go. Traffic continued to build and I wound up with 37,384 page views for May, a new record and an increase of 161%. A highlight of the month was I fell just shy of 5,000 page views in a single day, when all the stars aligned. I had my loss leaders cranking, and I hit #1 on Yahoo, Bing and on Page #1 of Google with a Celebrity Apprentice review.

As the volume of posts grow on this blog, the more posts I have with high placement on Yahoo, Bing and even Google. Yes, I have posts with keywords that have hit the #1 position on all three of the major search engines.

I still have a core of posts that draw no matter what I do. They're the loss leaders - my 2-liter bottle of Coke for 99¢. However, big draws like Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With The Stars are done until next season.

Celebrity Apprentice was very good to me in May. I beat NBC at their own show on Google, Yahoo and Bing two times in May. Lots of traffic.

I also stepped up my marketing efforts through Twitter in May, tweeting out links as often as I could.

I did get carried away. I had a second twitter account that I started on May 23rd. Without getting into all the details, I stepped on Twitter's TOS - the Internet equivalent of an IED - and blew up my second account in 5 days. All I could do was laugh. I've never been terminated so fast in all the years I've been causing trouble on the Internet, dancing the fine line between aggressive marketing and SPAM.

The last few days of the month, I pulled Tweetdeck out of mothballs and went through all the upgrades since I stopped using it a couple years ago. One of the advantages that Tweetdeck gave me was the ability to schedule tweets. It worked out great. On Memorial Day, while I was eating and relaxing, I was tweeting the entire time. I spent the morning programming a day's worth of tweets into Tweetdeck.

Holidays are notoriously bad for traffic, from my viewpoint. People seem to be too busy to sit and read a blog. They do that kind of stuff at work (LOL). On Memorial Day, I had a day of page views that was probably double or triple what I would have had if I had done nothing all day.

Another thing I did was add the Share This app to my blog. It gives me a greater range of sites I can share my posts on. I signed up on Blogged, Fark, LinkedIN, StumbleUpon, Google Buzz and Yahoo bookmarks. I did this at the very end of the month, but I am seeing additional traffic come from it. And three days ago, I started my own online newspaper using the product. I'll see how that works out and write about it in a couple weeks, after I figure out how everything works and I can save you the trouble of messing around with it and trying to figure it out.

What I have to work on in June is creating backlinks. I have links from a number of high page rank sites to mine for various posts that they are featuring on their site. But I have done nothing to create backlinks and work on my Page Rank. All of this stuff comes in time. I'm amazed at how far I've come since March 7th. Then, I was still just writing posts and not really paying attention to SEO.

What's worked: Facebook sharing of posts. Twitter sharing of links. Adding Share This app. Using Tweetdeck. Developing loyal followers on Facebook and Twitter that share and retweet my posts and links. Writing funnier and more insightful content is building the following and I can see the number of returning visitors steadily increasing on Google Analytics. From Google Analytics, there have been visitors from 107 countries from around the world to this blog since March 7th, 2011. I remember when I couldn't get my sister or brother to read my blog.

June will be interesting. Summer is here. More people will spend more time away from their computers because the kids are home or they're going on vacation or they're outside enjoying the weather. Plus, my big shows are done for the season on TV. I'm picking up America's Got Talent and hoping I can turn that into a traffic generator for the summer. I need one more show to follow and I'm thinking about The Voice. It's a big ratings smash and last night was the last of the taped shows. It goes to live battles and will probably involve fan voting down the road. Those are elements that make people hit the search engines to find out what happened when they miss an episode.

Oh, BTW, revenue is up. It's still chump change, but it is slowly increasing. I know that I'll need 10,000 page views a day, instead of 1,000, to start making real money. I'm also contemplating ditching my affiliate ads and/or looking for a strong product that will generate affiliate dollars. I get a handful of clicks on my ads, but no sales.

I'm happy, but I'm realistic. It's a process. I have a one year plan, based on starting back up on March 7th. It involves a book, an eBook and possibly some consulting. Somehow, all this work will pay off and get me off the poverty line. In the meantime, I'm savoring the Page View jump by 161%; plus, my new and improved SEO and Marketing practices.

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