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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Need Your Help Rounding Up All The Mental Illness Pages On Facebook

Time to Round Up the Mental Illness Pages on Facebook.
As a blogger, I'm always looking for new ways to promote my site and find new audiences. I had been working at a Denny's Restaurant for about six hours - starting at 9pm - when I decided to find some mental illness Pages on Facebook and post one of my articles about the stigma of mental illness to them. Five hours later, I had to give up. There are hundreds and hundreds of mental illness Pages on Facebook and 80% of them have 10 LIKE's or less. I need your help rounding up all the mental illness Pages on Facebook.

First off, I have ADD, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety Disorder. In the mental health vernacular, I am a consumer. That means that I use mental health services - groups; providers - psychiatrists, psychologists; and treatment programs - medication, talk therapy.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to share my post link on these Pages. I have to mention that I've been in a manic mode for days, part of my bipolar label. I work for 24 to 40 hours, sleep for 12 and start over again. So, I was going to do my usual on Facebook, which means I do too much and Facebook sends me warnings for overloading the system and altering the rotation of the earth. When I get going, I'm like a NASCAR racer - but without the car. Just as fast, but no car.

My journey started by typing in the white Facebook search box at the top of the page: "mental illness" - a bunch of my articles popped up first, then Pages I could LIKE and share my post. Immediately, I saw that I would have to exercise some discretion as to what Page I would LIKE and then share my link. There were dozens with 1 person that had clicked LIKE - and it was probably the person that setup the Page. Initially, I set my bar at Pages that had at least 100 LIKE's. After an hour or two of that, I had to raise the bar to Pages that had at least 1,000 or more LIKE's. You have no idea how many pages of non-qualifiers I had to scroll through to get to the larger LIKE'd Pages.

80% of FB Mental Illness Pages look like this. They're alone.
Seeing all those pages with 1, 2, 6 LIKE's almost sent me into the depressive side of my bipolar tag. I know that all of those people have a mental illness. They want to be heard. They want to be treated like normal people. They want better answers than the mental health industry has been providing them. And they were all alone. They reminded me of stray cattle, standing out in a field wondering where all the rest of their buddies went.

So, I thought to myself, "There has to be a way to round up all of these people and put them on ONE Page and get them all communicating with other people who share the same maladies and trials. But it's too big of a task for me. I have to WRITE at some point, I can't be sitting around for 14 hours a day trying to get the lost cows aligned with a proper and empathetic herd.

I'm sure there are people that created their Page in a moment of desperation and were looking for someone to hear them. As the minutes, hours, days and weeks passed, there were only two or three people that "heard" their call. I'm sure a lot of them went into symptoms just because they felt they were being ignored. Schizophrenics are good at building false cases against themselves and they're a mess for days or weeks - and it's all in their head. I don't want to see these people spread out on all of these little islands all over FB land.

It was bound to happen. With 600 million users worldwide, a few thousand people had to think an original thought, "I'll start a Facebook Page and help others like me." Well, you're spread a little too thin there boys. Round 'em up.

So, what I need you to do is share the link to this post on Mental Illness Pages on Facebook with less than 1,000 LIKE's. It's simple. Do what I did, type in the search box "mental illness" and see the list that drops down. Go down the list a ways and click on the name of the Page before you click LIKE. If you don't see this post on the Page, click LIKE and then post the link.

If you've never posted a blog link somewhere, it is real simple. You can click on the title of any blog post and the specific URL for that page will be in your box at the top of your browser. Highlight the whole URL - usually, if you double click on it, it will highlight - then copy the link. It will remain on your clipboard. You can go from Page to Page and post the link. Set a goal to do at least 10. You'll get sick of filling out the Captcha box or whatever that thing is called soon enough, so don't go nuts. Remember - your mental health is your first priority.

I put about two dozen Pages with larger audiences in my favorites on my blog site FB Page: I'll post to those pages. But you have got to help me.

Although, if we had about two dozen people with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that would get into this, we could have that link posted to the 30,000 or whatever number it is of Mental Illness Pages in a matter of days. OCD is not a disorder - in my world, it's a SKILL.

I know that some people, even if they only have themselves as the only LIKE for their Page will want to keep it. I understand. You spent all that time finding the perfect photo to express your mind's interpretation of Mental Illness, you clicked and checked all the Settings about 40 times and you looked at your Page every day, waiting for someone to click LIKE. You're attached. Keep the Page. But join the Round Up Page.

Yes, the only way I could see this through was to create another MI Page. It's called: Round Up Mental Illness Pages. According to FB TOS, you cannot use the Facebook name or any variation of it in the title of your Page. So, it's a Round Up. That's it. Let's get all the lonely people on Facebook with mental illnesses communicating with each other.

I'm used to this. I've had to do it with some of the groups I attend for therapy. The ADD groups are the worst. A quarter of the people forgot to write down the meeting time, another quarter showed up on the wrong day, another quarter couldn't find the building and the last fourth got distracted by butterflies or some other insect and missed the meeting. That's why there is so little clinical data on people with ADD/ADHD. They don't show up. They wanted to. But... Oh... a fly... "Wonder where he's going? Maybe he knows where my keys are."

The worst part of mental illness is that you feel alone. And look what we have on FB... a zillion people - all alone. Round Up Time.

I've preached enough. But I'm very serious about this. I understand the pain. I understand the frustration. I understand the stigma. I understand how people see you on a good day and think you're "cured" and wonder what happened when they see you on a bad day, "You were doing so good last week." Well, Sparky, this stuff doesn't melt like a candle. It's made of granite and it's going to be with me (us) for the rest of our lives. Have some freakin' empathy and let me try to work on my mental health without you sabotaging my progress by making me feel guilty that I'm sick!

Start sharing this post. Tweet it. LinkedIN is cool, too. There's a hundred places you could put it. Use the ShareThis button below to share to all of your favorite groups. I can't do it alone. I need your help rounding up all the Mental Illness Pages on Facebook.

Moo  ;)>

Link to FB Page:
Round Up Mental Illness Pages  (on Facebook)

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  1. well the ever helpful and superb wisdom and truth in Facebook, has a page called...Not Being Murdered
    Product/Service. Not Being Molested by Clowns, etc...
    sure I didn't help, but it felt great to share that knowledge with someone!

  2. That's pretty damn funny. I've seen the goofy pages. "I hate pizza" - "Don't punch me." Stupid.

    Yes, give a person a computer and you'll get crap. Teach a person to use a computer and you get spam.

  3. LOL There is a mass amount, I found that out when trying to find ANYONE similar to my child.

    Parents of the Mentally Ill - on facebook. :) With the aim of the same goal, collect everyone, get them in one spot :)

  4. You can help ... Join the ROUND UP. Post the link to this article on sites.

    I'm going to work on it a few sites each week. Eventually, we'll round them all up.


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