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Monday, June 20, 2011

I Need An Angel To #SaveTheBlog And Prevent #VirtualDeath

She'll do, but I need an angel investor.
This blog went from being something to occupy my mind and keep me from being so damned depressed. Then, something amazing happened in March 2011 - I caught fire and could not stop working on it. I never felt better. This blog did more for my mental health than all of the toxic pharmaceuticals the doctors were pumping into me. On June 8th, my computer died and we're trying to see if it can be fixed. It's an old Apple iBook. Even if it can be fixed, it is still technology that is fading. I'm not able to download upgrades because my operating system is too old. Background programs I use bog down the processor and I have to re-boot every 45 minutes. Library computers only offer 2 hours a day. I've become an Internet prostitute and I'm RENTING time on a computer right now. I'm a computer John. Donations to help me get a new computer have stalled. I need an Angel to #SaveTheBlog and prevent #VirtualDeath.

All start-up businesses - and, to me, this blog is a business - require certain things to get off the ground. There may be more, but these come to mind. I've seen many a business fail that was missing even one of these items:
  1. A good initial idea - product or service - that fulfills a need
  2. A vision for the future
  3. A good business plan
  4. Capital
  5. A good marketing plan
  6. The right equipment or personnel to get the job done
  7. A willingness to take risks
  8. A relentless desire to attain the initial goals
  9. Persistance
  10. Consistency
  11. Others - you can't do it alone - network - build relationships
  12. Skill in your field - continuing education
  13. Luck
  14. Courage - you have it or you don't
  15. Problem-solving skills - things will go wrong
I studied hard before I took this blog from Internet dust in February (Alexa traffic rank 10,000,000+) to crack within the top 450,000 sites in the USA in only 3 months. I had a computer that was good enough to get the job done. I pursued free WiFi spots relentlessly. I got lucky a few times - beating NBC on page one of Google with my reviews of their show - Celebrity Apprentice. I have a big vision - the blog is just a launching point. I've had all of the above on that list. Then, my computer died. But, I live on food stamps and I'm trying to rebuild my life. I have no capital. I need an angel.

In the business world, there are people known as Angel Investors. They review the business plans of upstart companies that show heart, have a great story, will dramatically change someone's life and then they invest in the company and become partners or they donate capital for the start-up costs. I need an angel.

I need $1,200. I can only use Apple computers for the work I do. They have all the right tools and I'm two to three times more productive on an Apple than I have been on these Windows PC's I've been fighting with at the library, Internet Cafe's, friend's houses, etc. Creative people use Apple computers. I'm a creative. I need an Apple and an angel.

My old computer sits at Microcenter. We'll get a verdict tomorrow (Tuesday June 21) if it is salvagable. If not, I'm screwed. I can't afford to rent time at this stupid Internet Cafe. Two hours at the library is barely long enough to respond to my correspondence. I need an angel.

The good news is... Microcenter has the MacBook Pro, which has a monster fast processor, more memory, more hard drive, more, more, more and they reduced the price by $200 to $999, same as the MacBook I had my eye on. I need the extra cash for tax and transferring my data to the new computer.

Fixing my old computer will get me blogging again. But I've had requests to do lectures via web cam on blogging and marketing. (I used to own a very successful ad agency in Las Vegas - I have skills and people want them.) I have people that want to take blogging and writing classes that I've been hinting about. I need a built in camera to pull it off. The camera gives me an immediate revenue stream that would be greater than the ad revenue I'm currently pulling in from ad clicks - which is enough for coffee and cigarettes.

The camera is important to me for another very big reason. I'd be able to video chat with my 10-year-old daughter in Las Vegas, whom I haven't seen in almost two years. That would be the greatest gift I could hope for. I need an angel.

What is an angel? Or a flock of angels? Or a gaggle of angels? Or a herd? ... Let's just go with - a group of angels. They are people that put up $100, $200, $500 or more on my PayPal Donation account in the upper right side of this blog. A few of those - Done. I can get back to work.

As soon as I get enough to get the tools I need to do my work properly, the Donation button will be renamed the "Tip Jar" - I'm still a starving artist. Until I can pay my bills with ad revenue, class fees or speaking fees, the "Tip Jar" will be on the blog, but in a less prominent place.

After that, I want to accept donations that I can use to be an angel to someone else. I want to find one of my blog students that is filled with passion, proves they really want to work, and buy them a computer to get them started. I would hope they would do the same. Right now, though, I need an angel.

If you know an angel... give him or her a ring and pass this post on to them.

I want to get back to writing five posts a day, pulling in 10,000 page views or more a week and spend time seeing my daughter smile.

Someday, this will all pay off and I'll be able to move back to Las Vegas and be a father again, instead of a voice on the phone.

I need an angel.

I need an Angel to #SaveTheBlog and prevent #VirtualDeath.

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