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Friday, June 24, 2011

Exclusive Internet Soap Opera - All My Donuts - Debuts Next Week

All My Donuts debuts next week.
This is a project that has been in the incubation stage for some time and it is finally coming to life. And it is something I've never seen done before on the web. I will be producing an exclusive Internet Soap Opera called, All My Donuts, and it will debut next week

This all started around the beginning of March 2011. I decided to ramp up my efforts on this blog and the primary place I wrote was at Dunkin Donuts in Euclid, OH (A suburb of Cleveland). DD is located on the corner of E. 222nd St. and Lake Shore Blvd. It's considered "Downtown Euclid" - if that's what you want to call it.

When I lived in Las Vegas, I'd go to Starbucks, restaurants, bars, casinos, etc. and I never seemed to see the same people twice at any of those places. I ran into a lot of people in Vegas because I knew a lot of people, but I never had an environment where a large group of people came and went with extreme regularity through the course of a week. DD provides a hub that branches out to other stores and coffee shops, restaurants and shops. There are people with bizarre stories everywhere.

I love stories. I love listening to people tell me their story.

At DD, there were these regulars that came in while I was madly typing away on my little white iBook. I never knew their names, but I gave them nicknames, based on what they did or said when they were buying coffee or donuts. Over time, there was quite an odd assortment of characters that I'd see on a regular basis and they'd talk to me. Eventually, I learned their names. Then, I learned more about their lives.

On Lake Shore Blvd. there is a stretch that is about 200 yards long and that is where all the action is in Euclid. I've met some really crazy people, some really nice people and some... Honestly, I haven't met a single person that I'd want to avoid or disdain. They're all quirky, unique and likable in their own way.

Over the past two weeks, while my computer was down, I started taking a lot of photos. I was generating the "casting" shots for All My Donuts.

In the beginning, I plan to introduce you to the cast and the places that make up the 200 yards of Euclid Buzz. Then, I'll tell you the stories as they crop up. No schedule. Just sit and wait for something weird to happen. It always does.

Since this is more of a personal project, I'm going to produce the Internet Soap Opera on one of my other sites, The Life And Times of Roger Blazic. My donuts seem to fit better over there. I will, however, have links on this site, so you'll still be able to get there from here. And back again. In fact, delete all of your other bookmarks and just keep my two sites. You'll be entertained, informed, moved and much smarter and cooler than anyone in your neighborhood or at work. While your friends at work are playing Angry Bird, you'll be laughing your ass off or getting smarter by reading one or both of my sites. (I have a third site, Las Vegas Tips, that is being revived, too.).

So, get ready for a boatload of high calorie, overly caffeinated racially and ethnically diverse fun.

That's right... Roger is gonna do it... An exclusive Internet Soap Opera - All My Donuts - and it debuts next week.

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  1. Sweet! (No pun intended)

    Hey, I think I know the pics of my previous blog couldn't show up on your thumbnails. I think it's because I didn't upload the pics, I just took the option of posting the pics from their original url.

    Am I correct?

  2. Carlo,

    You're probably right about the pictures. I'm not exactly sure.

    Also, on your blog roll... uncheck the option to show the blogger logo - who cares - but check the options to have a snippet and a thumbnail. Check the bottom of my blog to see how yours looks.


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