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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Does Micro Center Sell And Repair Apple Computers? Yes And Yes

Micro Center also sells and repairs Apples.
Since my poor little six-year-old Apple iBookG4 went dark on June 8th at 8:30 in the morning. I went from being a prolific blogger to a raging maniac. I was scrambling around to every place I could squeeze in an hour or two hours on a computer and keep up with my burgeoning Internet world. Along the way, everyone I talked to had grim news about my computer. Then, my sister forced me to go to Micro Center. I wanted to know: Does Micro Center sell and repair Apple Computers? I was so glad to find out the answer was, "Yes and Yes!"

When my portal to the planet died, I immediately went to the Apple Store at Legacy Village - 24393 Cedar Road in Lyndhurst, OH. I spoke with a very knowledgeable salesman and he gave me the first round of bad news - Apple considers any machine over five years old a "Vintage" computer and they no longer carry any parts for them. If my problem was software related, I might have a chance, but anything hardware related mad my computer a goner.

I even went back to the Apple Store the next day to double check with another salesperson to see if the story would repeat itself. I got a reprise of the previous night's obituary.

From there, I hustled around to about a dozen PC repair shops. Most of them couldn't spell Apple, let alone fix one. They were mired in the satanic world of Bill Gates and his MS BS. I just can't do PC's. I'm a MacMan. I love my iThis and iThat. But without my computer the only program I was running was iScrewed.

I hit pawn shops and that was a nightmare. iCrap runs there 24/7.

Finally, my sister said, "Please call Micro Center." I did, and the first person I talked to said, "Yup, Apples over five years old are finished. Sorry. Can't help you."

My sister doesn't listen, so she can ask the same question about 50 times and still not be satisfied with your answer. She wound up talking to the chief Apple technician at Micro Center, Kyle,  and he offered to do a diagnostic check on the machine for $73.00 including the tax. I succumbed and my sister and I made the trip over to the Eastgate Shopping Center to find Micro Center.

There it was Micro Center, 1349 SOM Center Road in Mayfield Heights, OH.

We dropped off my dead baby in the service department. I was not optimistic.

My sister called back and found out that a technician named Dana was going to be working on my machine. I still had little hope.

I called him on Tuesday evening and he said he'd check it out that night or the following morning. And he'd call me.

To my surprise, he called on Wednesday morning. "It's running and it's ready for pickup." I went into iShock.

Dana explained to me that when he first started my iBook up, he had the same problem - it kept going black and shutting down.

He decided to take the computer apart and he took a compressor hose and blew out all of the crevices around the processor and on the motherboard. He put everything back together and turned on my computer. It ran overnight.

When he arrived for work in the afternoon, it was still running.

Dana had determined that through the years a substantial amount of dust had built up on the key components inside the computer and the dust was causing the unit to overheat. iDust is what took me down.

Within an hour, I was at the Micro Center Store and had my computer back in my possession. It hasn't been turned off since I picked it up. When you're used to blogging 3 to 5 posts a day, checking four emails, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and a number of other sites, you have a lot of catching up to do when your computer has spent twelve days in the iTomb.

I was so thankful that they could fix it.

On the way out, I asked for the card of the manager. I told him that I'd be writing about his store on my blog.

There were several things that I learned about Micro Center. They have a HUGE selection of computers, both the nasty PC's and an entire room of peace and tranquility filled with Apple Computers and accessories. Everything they sell, they service. No trying to repack and ship boxes back to the mail order computer dealer.

And their prices are extremely competitive. As an example, the computer I thought I was going to buy as a replacement for my dead iBook was a MacBook. It retails for $999.00 at Micro Center and at the Apple store. However, Micro Center had the Apple MacBook Pro reduced by $200 and was selling it for $999.00. I don't know if Apple is running the same pricing at their stores, but a MacBook Pro at $999.00 is a... iDeal that is an iSteal. If I had the money, iBuy would be running on my mind's hard drive.

Besides having the services and products that you would expect to find at a national computer retailer, everyone my sister and I met was so nice, friendly and helpful. My hat goes off to Mark Becker, the front end manager, and the job he is doing there.

If you're in the Cleveland area, you can call them at 440-449-7000. If you're not in the Cleveland area, you can find stores or shop online at their comprehensive website:

So, if you want to know, "Does Micro Center sell and repair Apple Computers?" The pleasant answer is "Yes and Yes."


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