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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Visions and Illusions of Spring Time In The Midwest And East

Tulips from my sister's garden.
According to the meteorologists and the calendar, it's Spring. Based on my eyeballs, it's still the tail end of winter here in Cleveland and throughout most of the Midwest and East . Here are some visions and illusions of Spring time in the Midwest and East.

With the flooding all along the Mississippi corridor and yesterday's spillway flooding of low-lying lands in southern Louisiana, done in an effort to save Baton Rouge and New Orleans - non-stop rain is not a lot to complain about. But it has caused local flash flooding and no one is in a good mood. 

More tulips from my sister's house.
Most of the Midwest and Eastern part of the country has been plagued by days and days of rain. And we still have a few more days of sogginess in the forecast before we get a break.

In Cleveland, we've had ONE sunny day in May. ONE. Let's all count together ONE.... ah... start over. ONE. Yes, ONE sunny day in May. Supposedly, there were 8 partly cloudy days and the rest of May was cloudy. Except for the ONE sunny day, we've had rain - either all day or off and on during the other non-sunny days.

Trees on my street. 

The sky in Cleveland is a solid gray sheet for most of the year. You can't differentiate from one cloud to the next. It's gray, gray, gray, every FREAKIN' day. Gray, gray, gray, I can't go out and play. Gray, gray, gray, you might just die today. There's a kid's pre-school song in there somewhere.

Cleveland has a new definition of PARTLY CLOUDY. That means you spent part of the day INDOORS. If you want MOSTLY CLOUDY, you spend most of your day outside. And CLOUDY is a day at the park and the frozen beach.

On the ONE sunny day we had in May, I was able to take a few shots of what Spring is supposed to look like. Ah... visions of Spring. Flowers. Blooming trees. Weeds in the lawn.

Pretty white blossoms down the street.
All of these things are happening, it's just too rainy to go out and see any of them.

Regardless of the gloom, I managed to take a few shots on the ONE SUNNY DAY IN MAY. The pictures are from my street and my sister's flower beds. I hope you enjoy them. I tried to take more pictures today, but the PARTLY CLOUDY situation kept me inside and my camera does not have X-ray capabilities.

It's this kind of weather that makes me really miss Las Vegas. There, we'd transition from a chilly period known as Winter. For a couple weeks, the weather would warm up and be exceedingly pleasant, usually in the 80's. That was Spring. After the few weeks of Spring, the temperature would shoot over 100 degrees and it would stay that way for the next four months. That was called Summer.

Cleveland sky. See the power lines. Gotta love it.
Summer in Las Vegas had varying degrees. It would be around 100 or above most days. Up to 105 or 106 degrees, I was OK. In fact, it was quite enjoyable. Hot days, and gorgeous nights. Then, God would kick up the furnace and toast everyone for about two to three weeks with temperatures above 110. The record high in Las Vegas was 117. During the furnace days, Las Vegans treated them like Midwestern people treat a "Snow Day". Don't go anywhere and stay in as much air conditioning as possible. But that was only three weeks of torture out of each year. I could live with that.

Here, the monotony drones one. Rain, rain, leaves me in pain. Another day of rain and I'll go insane. Ran, rain, no one to blame, except me for moving to this town of rain.

Spring will arrive in a few more weeks. Just in time to start preparing for Fall. You have to love the weather in this part of the country. So enjoy the visions and illusions of Spring time in the Midwest and East.

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