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Monday, May 16, 2011

Trump And Huckabee Out. Obama Set To Hand Out Major Ass-Whoopin' in 2012

Double talking, four eyes, Huckabee.
Over the last 72 hours, Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee have decided not to run for president in 2012 - they are the smart ones. The Obama camp is set to hand out a major ass-whoopin' to the Republicans in 2012.

As two high profile candidates declare that they won't run for the presidency, the Republican picture becomes even cloudier. "At least Trump and Huckabee were TV stars. None of the others are TV stars," said one likely Republican no-show at the polls.

Right now, the Tea Party zealots are driving the ship, which has the same destination as Thelma and Louise. If the Tea Party doesn't get their way, they could split from the GOP and form their own party, leaving all the Red States to be forced to select a different primary color.

Do you know any of the Republican potential candidates? No. And neither does America. "God help us if Sarah Palin is the only choice we have left," said her husband.

I've written about this before, Obama is a campaign machine. He's more adept at smashing through states than Hitler was on his march across Europe. Obama is high-tech. Obama is a smartphone in a bottle. He can run the world from a Blackberry and Republicans can only make pie out of black berries.

Obama tweeted his way to the White House, taking over Twitter and Facebook, much to the chagrin of Mafia Wars and Farmville players who don't give a rat's ass about our government and what goes on outside their computer screens. 
Trump is out and had little to say.

Obama also is supposedly going to have a $1 Billion war chest. If he doesn't go to Vegas and bet it all on "8" on the crap table, he'll have more TV minutes from his commercials than Nightline, Dateline and Nene Leakes, combined.

Maybe it's time for the non-tech-savvy Republicans to select a sacrificial lamb and have his or her career devastated by Obama in 2012. Skip the expense and the BS of the convention. Just hold a rally, put a rope around the candidate's neck and kick the box out from under him or her. That will make it simple.

Obama might not be much as a president, but he sure can campaign his Black/White ass off.

Now that Obama's birth certificate is a thing of the past, it's full speed ahead. No one in the press will ever ask for his medical records or school records. But his wife has a water-color picture he drew in the 1st grade that she will share with America to prove he was schooled.

Get out the blue paint and give that map two coats. Until the Republicans come into the 21st century and stop giving speeches on tree stumps in the middle of a crop circle, they have no chance.

You can't yawn any wider at the stumble-bums that are vying for the GOP nomination. And none of them are smart enough to figure it out.

Trump and Huckabee are out - they're the smart ones. And Obama gets set to hand out a major ass-whoopin' to the GOP in 2012. 

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