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Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Blog Had 800% Increase In Page Views in April Over March

Not sure what this shows. But it's FUNNY.
Blogging is all about traffic. It doesn't matter how great you think your blog is, it matters how great others think it is. I must be doing something right. March showed a 582% increase over the previous monthly record. But I never expected what happened in April. This blog had an 800% increase in page views in April over March. I was blown away.

When I started this blog in July of 2010, I had no idea where it would go. After writing through August and three weeks of September, which was cut off when I wound up in a hospital, I managed a paltry 200+ page views in each month. Then, I went away for five months, never even opening my computer.

February, before I had opened my computer, only produced 49 page views. On March 7th, I dove into this blog and wrote ferociously all month. Page views jumped to 1,589. I thought if I could double that in April, I'd be happy.

In April, I concentrated on a few topics that seemed to be drawing well, cleaned up my Search Engine Optimization (SEO), expanded my marketing on Twitter and Facebook and the page views started pouring in.

Aided by hot topics like Karina Smirnoff, Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With The Stars; plus, being a bit more controversial and a lot funnier than previous months, page views climaxed for April at 14,301 - an 800% increase over March.

If I didn't get in trouble with Twitter in the last week, I could have easily topped 15,000.

In April, my worst days were better than my best days in March.

I capitalized on Karina Smirnoff pictures and anything related to her. She was my loss leader for the month; my 2-liter bottle of Coke for 99¢. Visitors piled in. I hope some looked around. But getting people to your site is half the battle, and I was winning that one. I was at the top of Yahoo search and Bing for "Karina Smirnoff pictures" - and on page 2 of Google.

Celebrity Apprentice hit the top of Yahoo and Bing, but I couldn't crack Google. Dancing With The Stars draws views, but I don't know how people are finding me, because I can't find me on the search engines.

Other posts are at the top of Yahoo, Bing and even Google, but they are not hot topics and don't draw droves of visitors. Over time, though, these topics will continue to produce slow, but steady traffic.

A topic that stays high in popularity is the one about Teenage Sexting and the potential legal consequences associated with Sexting. Everyone is still taking a peek at the picture I needed a caption for - the girl's ass with eyes drawn on it. You just have to look and see what everyone wrote. 

The How To Start A Blog series has been well received and is developing a following. Why not, it's FREE.

Dunkin Donuts Sip, Scratch and Score game was also a big draw. I placed #1 on Google for that.

In summary, I got the traffic, Vegas-style - with hot chicks and FREE food.  LOL  ;)>

A metric that bloggers follow is how much time people spend on their blog. When the initial surge for Smirnoff ensued, that figure dropped - the boys wanted nude shots, not just great photos of the dancer. Now that she's cooled a bit, the number has almost doubled, which means people are back to reading the blog and not just scanning for frontal nudity.

International traffic also increased. Hits came in from dozens of countries that I had never seen before at this site. For April, the Top Ten Countries where visitors came from are:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Philippines
  4. Germany
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Taiwan
  7. France
  8. India
  9. Australia
  10. Russia

Besides adding a Twitter gadget and a Facebook Fan Page for this blog, I changed my brand message.

Now, my tag line is, "A place where adults can laugh and learn" - that's what it all boils down to  - laughing and learning. You should come away from this site with a smile on your face or with an idea that is new to you. If that is what happens, then I've accomplished my goal.

In marketing, it's very important to clarify and focus your message. I think I've done that and it should make moving forward easier for me - now that I know what the hell I'm trying to do. LOL. ;)>

With an 800% increase in page views in April over March, I have to thank all the readers who stopped and came back. You're the ones that made this all possible. I hope that I can continue to produce content that you really want to see - again and again. Thanks - again.

UPDATE: May 6, 2011 - Page Views already topped 9,000 for May. New record just around the corner.

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