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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stop Executions. Kill Prisoners With KFC And Mickey D.

Kill prisoners with fast food. We shouldn't die alone.
America has struggled with the Death Penalty for the last several decades. Some feel that it is the best resolution for heinous crimes. However, others wonder how we have the right to kill people for their offenses. I think it's time to stop executions and kill prisoners with KFC and Mickey D.

People that support the Death Penalty, generally have no idea what the long-term cost is to our already strapped public systems. On average, with appeals or retrials, it will cost over a million to several million dollars to put a condemned prisoner to death. This process will take over 20 years.

Currently, the national average cost to house a prisoner is around $30,000 per year. If the prisoner is incarcerated for 30 years, the total cost will not exceed $1 Million. Yet, the people we are trying to terminate will cost us two to four times as much, and spend less time in prison.

To me, there is something barbaric about killing a person. Seeing a body on the table in the death chamber and knowing that the state is going to willfully cease this person's life gives me the creeps in a weird way, regardless of their crime.

Let's look at two facts.

1) All prisoners complain that the food is awful in prison.

2) Americans are killing themselves with obesity and heart disease and fast food has a lot to do with that. Fast Food is Heart Disease Public Enemy #1.

My suggestion that creates a win-win-win situation across the board is to stop executing prisoners. Morally, I feel better about that. Then, we start feeding prisoners a strict diet of KFC and McDonald's fast food. The prisoners will be happier about losing the tasteless food. Take away their weight rooms, too. Then, let bad nutrition take over. Prisoners will die at a faster rate from heart disease and obesity - it's a proven medical fact. All prisoners should get free cigarettes, too. Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the USA.

It is so much cheaper for us to keep prisoners alive and let them die of natural causes, than to kill them through the Death Penalty system, as it exists today.

I'd also like to see prisons built on Greenland. Nothing goes on up there. I don't even know if anyone lives there. Escape would be pointless. All we need is a few wind turbines to power the plant. We could have 3-month rotating staff and guards and plenty of fast food, which can be made right on the spot. You can teach the prisoners how to make Happy Meals, so they have a skill if they ever make it to the outside world.

If you get a life sentence, why keep them here in the United States? Every foreign country in the world could contribute to and use the Greenland prison. If the prisoner wants an appeal, they have to take a cargo ship to the country where they committed the crime. This will string out the process.

Individuals that cannot function in a civil society need to be removed from it. But putting them in a box somewhere in your state and having the threat of them escaping into the community is unnecessary. I can get some brochures on Greenland by this afternoon. It won't take long and it will be worth it. We will save millions and millions of dollars in each state in the country. You could be talking about some Obama, Billion here and there, money. You need to forward this post to your Congressional Representative today.

Aside from the frivolity, you have to dig deep and ask the question, "What if we're wrong? What if the person on Death Row is innocent?" And if you kill that person, who's head is it on then? It won't be the first time a needle went in the arm of the wrong man or woman.

I'd much rather make a person on Death Row get fat and clog their arteries than to willfully end their life. Keep repeating, "What if we're wrong? What if we're wrong?" I'm sure there are many condemned inmates that there is no doubt as to their guilt. However, the small fraction that are innocent is who we should think about in the bigger picture. I'm currently researching a story about a wrongfully accused man who is on Death Row in California. Once I have collected all of the information, read his story - then tell me if it is worth spending millions of dollars to kill him the way we do now. I'd rather send him a KFC 10-piece combo bucket and let the Colonel kill him over time.

So, stop executions and kill prisoners with KFC and Mickey D.

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