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Friday, May 13, 2011

Pornography Found At Osama bin Laden Compound | Plus, The Best of The Burka Babes

Best of the Burka Babes
Since the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, a treasure trove of terrorist plots, flash drives, emails and more have been recovered. It was announced today by the White House that pornography was found at Osama bin Laden's compound. The hilarious comment made by the White House was, "We're not sure who was the owner of the pornographic materials." Fortunately, we have been able to secure some of the pornography from the cache of naughty pictures found at the bin Laden mansion. Enjoy The Best of The Burka Babes.

Before we take you on this sordid journey, we have to make it clear what is desirable to Islamic radicals and what makes them run away with their junk tucked between their legs.

The woman on the left will shrivel your penis. The woman on the right will poke out an eye.

Highly provocative Burka Babe. Could induce vomiting.
Burka Babes Rap Group and their posse.

Marilyn Monroe impersonator in Burka Babe Land.

College sorority photo from 1995 Burka Babes.
Police rounding up Burka Babe vandals. "The one in the blue did it."

This Burka Babe is an erection waiting to happen.
Burka Babes waiting in line at the DMV to get their pictures taken.
Unruly Burka Babes at a soccer match.
Burka Babes getting their concealed weapons permits.

Finally, a Burka Babe with a proper veil.
"LOL. OMA (Oh My Allah). She's wearing blue."
Burka Babe showing no panty lines.

Print ad for Burka Babe eyeliner.
"I swear to you. She was the one wearing black."
Burka Babe fashion buyers for the Spring season.
Burka Babe stripper about to reveal a nostril.
Burka Babe doing Stand-up Comedy at the Improv.
Burka Babe going on a fashion shoot for Pakistan's Next Top Model.

This next group we had some problems with. They were the original Burka Babes bowling team. What we came to find out was that the same person, their best player, bowled for everyone else, which eventually got the team disqualified. We still get angry stares from them.

Banned Burka Babes Bowling Team. The one on the right, or the left, cheated.
Why so blue?

Disneyland in Pakistan
Burka Babes on a casting call for a part as a ditzy blonde.
I'm watching you. How do you like my nails?
Tough clothing choices for women under Shariah Law.

The most beautiful Burka Babe in her Cover Girl photo showing off the new lipstick.

Burka Babe getting some sun.
Not a Burka Babe. Many thanks to Allah.

Burka Babe thinking about how many times her husband will rape her tonight.

Burka Babe on the way to eyebrow waxing.
Burka Babe from the rear. Nice ass lights.
This has nothing to do with Burka Babes. It's a public service announcement for PETA.
The reality of Shariah Law

We've had some fun, laughing at a culture that we don't understand. But Shariah Law is oppressive to women. It treats them like objects. They have no rights to education, careers, or even the right to drive. The last picture is more indicative of the harsh reality that women face under strict Islamic Fundamentalism. Fight for their rights to be free - but most of all to be people and not shrouded from the light.

Please pass on The Best of The Burka Babes.
Best of Burka Babes is top of Google Page #1.

In today's news, Pornography was found at Osama bin Laden's compound. And The Best of The Burka Babes.

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  1. LOL Roger, there was a joke on SNL about this. The burka-clad woman lifted a slight bit of her veil above her ankle, then "Let's get it on" by Marvin Gaye started playing and the guy next to her gave her the Austin Powers-style stare.

    I bet those muslim dudes get boners the moment they see a knee, or even a calf

  2. As much as i think burkas are a little bit of too much of covering up,i also find too much of being revealed very for an example in one of those pics above where that busty half naked chick is being "showered" in front of nasty,horny that how a woman should handle her body and herself as a whole? I don't think so!!

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