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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Tapes Will Be Seen On America's Funniest Videos AFV

Bin Laden On America's Funniest Videos AFV.
During the Navy Seal raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan a large collection of video tapes were retrieved. The White House has shown some of the tapes with the audio removed, to prevent the spreading of bin Laden's terrorist messages. However, a number of the Osama bin Laden tapes will be seen on America's Funniest Videos (AFV).

Tom Bergeron, the host of the show was not available for comment, but we did manage to speak to an ABC spokesperson.

"I understand you have a number of videos from those retrieved at Osama bin Laden's compound that will be aired on America's Funniest Videos."

"Oh yes. There are tons of home movies made by bin Laden that fit perfectly into our our overall theme and the kind of entertainment our viewers have come to expect."

"For instance..."

"We have a great clip of bin Laden getting whacked in the nuts with a croquet mallet. Hilarious."

"What else?"

"You should see the clip of one of his sons driving a golf ball into bin Laden's nuts. You'll die."

"Any other themes?"

"I really like the one where bin Laden gets blasted in the nuts with a ping-pong ball bazooka."

"Isn't that kinda like the same thing?"

"Yeah, but our viewers can't get enough of nut smashing laughs."

"Can you tell us about some of the other videos?"

"Oh! This is great. Bin Laden flying down a Slip N' Slide and his face ramming into a dog's butthole."

"That's pretty funny."

"This other video must have been done on April Fool's Day. There was a kid strapped with bombs that ran into bin Laden's bedroom and threatened to blow him up. After bin Laden pees all over the bed, the kid pulls the detonator and confetti shoots everywhere. You'll fall over laughing.

Probably another April Fool's joke was when someone wired a remote control to the air bag in bin Laden's car. Right after the terrorist gets inside, they popped the air bag on him. It's freakin' hilarious. His head snaps back and his turbin winds up flying all the way to the back window. I'm still laughing."

"I like that one."

"Speaking of turbins, this is great. When bin Laden was sleeping, someone dumped a couple cans of cat food on his head and then put his turbin back on. About half an hour later, another prankster released 26 starving cats and they mauled his head like you wouldn't believe. I almost peed my pants."

"Are there more?"

"You bet. You won't be able to wait to see the birthday party they threw for bin Laden. After singing Happy Birthday to him, a woman in a Burka slams his head into the cake covered with candles. His beard even caught on fire and it was hilarious to see him running around screaming. They finally put the fire out by shoving his head in a toilet. Talk about great TV."

"I understand that there are a number of videos that won't be shown."

"Yeah, we have some side-splitting tapes of him having or attempting to have sex with sheep and goats, but our show can't air that kind of stuff. We're working on a deal to sell the tapes to Vivid Entertainment, since they do all the sex stuff."

"We only have time for one more description."

"OK... We have a video of bin Laden lighting farts. That by itself is a scream, but one of the other terrorists was laughing so hard he fell on bin Laden's AK-47 and three rounds fired right into bin Laden's ass. The Three Stooges couldn't have done it any better."

If you're a bit bored and tired of channel surfing. Look forward to the Osama bin Laden tapes that will be seen on America's Funniest Videos, AFV.

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  1. I am looking forward to the "Join the RAid on Bin Laden" game, that will sell millions. Diney (Of all things ) bought the rights to the name of the squad that killed OBL. They should have some good ones comming out soon.


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