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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Online Prostitutes Moved To Other Sites After Being Banned From Craigslist

Online Prostitutes simply moved after CL ban.
The oldest profession has moved from the streets to the Internet. And it's not different than when the girls walked the street. If they were kicked off of one corner, they'd find a new corner and set up shop there. The same thing happens on the Internet. Online prostitutes moved to other sites after being banned from Craigslist

For a long time, Craigslist was the home of all the online prostitutes. And Craigslist made a lot of money by them being there. Each person selling sexual services was charged around $25/month or more to have their bodies only a click away.

After a high-profile murder of a prostitute from Craigslist, the world's largest listing site came under intense heat from users, law enforcement and the community. A year or so ago, Craigslist Adult Services link went black and was removed from the site.

Well, that won't stop a male or female prostitute. They still have to eat and they'll find a way to sell themselves, somewhere, anywhere on the web. Other sites that are similar to Craigslist are the new homes of the online sex trade. And not much has changed.

I spoke with a man we'll call Jim who regularly uses hookers from the web. He told me that online prostitutes have a couple trademarks to their ads. First, the picture is usually not them. It may be, but it is usually slightly better than they look in real life. Or the picture could be someone completely different. "The picture may be a 10, but you usually wind up with an 8. And depending on the town, sometimes a 6," said Jim.

Another tactic used by the prostitutes online is that they try to disguise their phone numbers. A number like 702-555-1234 will appear in the ad as 7025551234 - we're not exactly sure why they do this, but the theory is that if they've been busted before and the police have their cell phone on record, vice cops can do a search for it online. By adding the characters to the phone number, it's impossible to find them through a regular search. They will vary the amount of characters between the numbers, too, just to add another twist to keep themselves out of the reach of the law.

What services they offer are creatively or suggestively described, but never anything too graphic because many sites have obscenity filters that will block posts with obscene language.

The last trait is that prostitution isn't a crime until a request for money is made or money changes hands. So, the online prostitutes will say.... "I'll make every fantasy of yours come true for 50 roses" Or 50 kisses. They do it the same way a drug dealer says on the phone, "I'll have the 25 circus tickets you ordered later." Circus tickets? They're home free because it is not illegal to sell circus tickets.

Jim has always had "out-call" service, which means they come to you. If you go to them, you save a few dollars, but you're also taking the risk of going to unknown turf. Jim said he's never waited more than an hour for his "date" to show up.

Ironically, most people outside of Nevada think that Las Vegas has legalized prostitution. Brothels are only allowed to operate in Nevada's rural counties. The closest county to Las Vegas is Nye county, which is the home of the famous Chicken Ranch and the Bunny Ranch. Both houses of ill repute are only an hour drive from Las Vegas and some offer limousine service, shuttling johns back and forth from Sin City to the sex centers.

Don't be mistaken, prostitutes are all over Las Vegas, working the casinos. I've been hit on several times by a girl working the slot machine area or the bar, looking for a "date".

I had a chat with one gorgeous girl that wanted me to go up to her room. For a split second, I thought she was actually interested in me. Then, I asked, "Are you working?" She nodded, yes."Well, I'm not interested. Sorry. Not my style."

We did discuss her business for a minute or so. She lived in British Columbia, had a young daughter, a nice condo, a new car and a wonderful life. She flew into Vegas each weekend and turned enough tricks working the higher end casinos to support her daughter and her lifestyle back in BC.

If you're looking for love at a price in Las Vegas, be forewarned that there are little purple domes all over the ceilings of the casinos, restaurants, sidewalks, parking garages, you name it - and they are watching. Casino security knows a lot of the regular girls, but they tend to turn a blind eye to them. However, the casino also knows their high end players and will do everything to protect them. If you're a nobody, you may be caught up in the criminal act. You don't want to literally get caught with your pants around your ankles with a really dumb look on your face. Or worse, you could get rolled by a prostitute and lose more than your virginity - your money, credit cards, valuables or even your life. In Las Vegas, prostitution and solicitation are crimes.

For the blue collar men and women that want to pay for sex and spend under $500, they go online. Now, they have to make a few more clicks because the online prostitutes moved to other sites after being banned from Craigslist

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