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Friday, May 13, 2011

NBC Cancels The Event, Law & Order: LA and Outsourced

Outsourced outsourced to rerun land.
NBC announced today that it is canceling The Event, Law & Order: LA and Outsorced. I don't think there were any surprises there. A list of new shows were picked up, but they're not worth discussing until they hit the airwaves.


This show was promoted more than probably any show in recent history by NBC. Why? They had a lot of money riding on it.

Originally, THE EVENT was pitched to NBC as a complete series that would play out over five seasons and NBC bought it. In September 2010, when the show debuted, I wrote on this blog: What Is "THE EVENT"? And Will You Have The Patience To Find Out? - based on the ratings, the answer to the question was an obvious NO.

I was so sick of the show because of the incessant promos that I never tuned in for one episode. Those kinds of shows are not my kind of entertainment anyway.

However, NBC bet big on this. I bet there is a lot of fine print in the contract that gets them out of any future obligations for the next four years of episodes. 

Law & Order: LA

Law & Order started in 1990 and ran until 2010. Over the last couple years, spin-offs of the series have been attempted. One came and went. However, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, SVU is a solid hit. The writing is fabulous, the cast is awesome and the acting is so believable. SVU writers know how to keep you hanging, right to the end of the show. That's exactly what you want from a police TV drama.

I don't know what happened with Law & Order: Los Angeles. I never saw it. And I guess a lot of other people missed it too. Hence, it has been canceled after a very short run.


I can't believe this show made it past the second week. But it ran the entire Spring season. How can a show that revolves around pitiful ethnic stereotypes have lasted this long? A goofy cast that only had one or two funny characters combined with idiotic story lines and bad writing were a perfect formula for termination. Yes, Outsourced has been outsourced to rerun land.  

NBC announced today that it is canceling The Event, Law & Order: LA and Outsorced. Thank you, NBC.

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