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Friday, May 20, 2011

Las Vegas Bookmakers Taking Bets On Harold Camping's End Of World Prediction

Las Vegas takes bets on end of the world.
While most people will ignore Harold Camping's prediction that the world will end on Saturday, May 21st, 2011, others are frantically looking for a priest, pastor, minister or mailman to confess their sins to before the world's demise. It's a different story in Sin City. Las Vegas bookmakers are taking bets on Harold Camping's end of the world prediction and the action is hot.

Speaking with a bookmaker in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Hilton, we asked him how much is being bet on the world ending.

"You'd be surprised. We've had a ton of people, mostly paranoid schizophrenics that are put down their whole life's savings on the bets we're offering."

"You have more than one bet?"

"Yes, we have the main bet on the world ending on May 21st. That pays 800 to 1."

"What other bets are you offering?"

"We've got several side bets going, too. We are taking wagers on HOW the world will end. For example, if it is an earthquake, we're paying 1200 to 1. If it is a flood or tsunami, we've got the line at 1800 to 1. If Charlie Sheen books another tour, that's the riskiest, and it's paying 3 to 5."

"Any other bets?"

"Yes, we're offering a bet on how many pairs of white underwear will be sold at Wal-Mart on Friday and Saturday morning."

"Why white underwear?"

"Well, according to the Book of Revelations, the people that will be carried off in the Rapture will be wearing white. So we anticipate a high amount of action on white underwear. Many churches have told their followers to wear the white underwear and stand in their front yard all day until the world actually ends."

"Fascinating. Have you noticed any changes with the drop here in Vegas over the last couple days?"

"It's up a bit, but most people here don't give a crap about end of the world stuff. They just want to hit a jackpot and have sex with a stranger - that's what Vegas is all about."

"I noticed that your odds are really high. Why is that?"

"Let's face it. We take the action, have a big party Friday and see what happens on Saturday. If the world ends, we won't be able to pay off the bets anyway. So, we're taking their money and planning an event if the world doesn't end. We'll have a free prime rib dinner for anyone holding a ticket on the world's end. Should be a great time."

"Are you taking bets that the world won't end?"

"Fuck no. That's a sucker's bet for the house. We know that the world won't end. Why would we take a lamebrain bet like that? We don't want that kind of action."

Some things never change in Sin City. Las Vegas bookmakers are taking bets on Harold Camping's end of the world prediction. And as the rule goes in Vegas - the house always wins.

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