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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Labatt Blue Beer's Advertising Agency Blows

Is that Labatt Blue or Bud Light? Ads don't get it right.
I've been searching all over the Internet to find out the name of the ad agency that is responsible for creating the Labatt Blue commercials over the last six months or so and I couldn't find them. If I did the work they do, I'd hide, too, because Labatt Blue Beer's advertising agency blows.

Effective advertising is supposed to separate you from the competition. You build imagery around your brand that makes you stand out - at least that is the goal. 

Beer is a category with fierce competition. It is a challenge to differentiate yourself from other brews. Some have done a good job of establishing their message in the minds of consumers. Labatt is so far off the mark, it isn't even funny.

Corona has probably the most distinctive commercials in the beer advertising category. Their color is crisp and golden. Corona has used the beach to their advantage and has created a cool, hip, relaxed brand image. When you think Corona, you think about getting away. Hot girls in bikinis help sell the message, too. 

Heinekin Beer sells us with a green color scheme. If you say, "Green bottle," most beer drinkers will think of Heinekin - unless you're from Pennsylvania, then you think Rolling Rock.

Budweiser has branded "The King Of Beers" slogan for years. Their bright red logo is easily recognizable, even if you can't read the writing on it. Red is their color. It's in their logo, it's on their cans. 

Bud Light has branded itself using blue as a color and this is where Labatt "Blue" is running uphill. Sexy girls and lots of fun always make appearances in Bud Light commercials - the non-creative geniuses at the ad agency for Labatt Blue thought, "Why don't we use hot girls and have fun in our commercials." Even Charlie Sheen would say, "Duh."
What's next in the lack of creativity pipeline, "Got Beer?"

Blue is taken. Bud light owns that color. Figure it out. Come up with something DIFFERENT. 

During the football season, Labatt spent a lot of money on television advertising. Their ads featured two girls in tight lycra full-body suits. They were supposed to be like superheros, saving the day with Labatt Blue beer. I must have seen that commercial a hundred times before I realized it wasn't a Bud Light commercial, but it was for Labatt Blue beer. 

The latest series of lifeless ideas from Labatt Blue features a pool party that turns into a huge party each time someone opens a bottle of Labatt's Blue. Wow, is that creativity or what?

When I searched for Labatt on the web, I typed in Labatt's Blue Beer. A German or French website came up first. Wikipedia second, some other crap third. Nothing that really said or sold Labatt came up. Do these morons in their marketing department even know there is an Internet?

How can you not have a significant Internet presence in this day and age? I didn't even try to see if they had anything worth looking at on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. 

If I were the CEO of Labatt Beer, I'd fire everyone in marketing and their ad agency. If the work was done in-house, that just shows you what happens when professional ad people are not used to come up with a campaign.

If you are in advertising, you should consider this a HOT LEAD. They need help. Who knows, maybe they have seen a bump in sales with their campaign. But, to me, it is a bad clone of a competitor.

After I wrote this piece, I came up with a hilarious, brilliant way to completely differentiate the Labatt's brand in the marketplace. It capitalizes on the assets that Labatt already has, but doesn't realize. Target market would be males 20-40, sports enthusiasts, tough guys and real men. I'll be glad to talk - for a price. Hey, great ideas aren't cheap. Bad advertising is expensive. Make a choice. Contact me.

Creativity. Differentiation. Uniqueness. Separation from competition. These are all the objectives of marketing and advertising. Someone needs to forward this post to Labatt and let them know that they need a few new ideas. What they have has already been done - better - by their competition.

Right now, Labatt Blue Beer's advertising blows, and it shows.

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