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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Japan Has Shut Down 35 Of 54 Nuclear Reactors And Power Outages Are Expected

Japan shuts down 35 of 54 nuclear reactors.
News in America has been busy with Osama bin Laden, tornadoes across the South, GM hiring thousands of workers and the constant fighting on Capital Hill. It's easy for us to forget about the disaster that is still going on in Japan following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake on March 11, 2011. NHK World News reported yesterday that Japan has shut down 35 of 54 nuclear reactors and power outages are expected. 

In addition to the ongoing nuclear radiation threat from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant and the massive clean-up operation, Japanese citizens are faced with power outages as the hot summer season approaches.

Corporate giants and government agencies across Japan cobbled together meetings to brainstorm ideas on how to conserve electricity within their own operations and throughout the country.

One problem follows another in Japan. We in America, however, are on to the next thing and Japan's earthquake seems like a distant memory.

Many Japanese citizens in the quake and tsunami devastation zone are still living in shelters and are yearning for basic needs.

An American, Daniel Hami, who is a television celebrity in Japan, has taken it upon himself to help the needy. He has been using Twitter to organize and collect donations for those suffering from the disaster. Of greatest interest to the victims are fresh fruits and vegetables, and that is what Hami focuses on.

He rents a truck and makes several trips a week from Tokyo to the northern cities most effected by the quake and tsunami.

It is impractical for Americans to send fruits and vegetables to Japan, but we can still help with basic hygiene supplies, clothing and money. If you would like to help, visit or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone. The Red Cross website can give you other suggestions on ways to help.

While hundreds of Americans died because of the recent tornadoes, the death toll in Japan has topped 15,000 with 9,500 still reported missing. Many of the missing are feared to have been swept out to sea and may never be found, unless they begin washing up on Japanese beaches in the months ahead.

The disaster in Japan is far from over. Unlike the destruction in the U.S. from tornadoes where clean-up is the primary task at hand, Japan is still facing a nuclear radiation threat, shortages of food, a dramatic drop in tourism revenue and now power outages.

Recapping, Japan shuts down 35 of 54 nuclear reactors and power outages are expected. Please help any way you can.

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