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Monday, May 9, 2011

I NEED YOUR HELP Naming A New Drama Series On This Blog

Kim Kardashian won't be in the blog series.
If you're a regular visitor to this blog, you know that I do about 85% of my blogging at a donut shop. The other 15% is done at my sister's house or in the parking lot of the local library, late at night when I can steal their WiFi signal. I write funny blog posts, informative blog posts, opinionated blog posts and I cover several TV shows. At the donut shop, however, there is a whole world of drama that unfolds while I'm here for hours and hours each day. I want to start a new group of posts and I need your help naming the new drama series on this blog. 

I have two ideas in mind:
  • As The Donut Turns
  • All My Donuts
I was thinking of using a Spanish title, like whatever Hot Donuts Or Donuts of My Heart would be in Spanish. But I don't write or speak Spanish and this would only serve to confuse me.

I got the idea for this when my sister had to get a daily update on the wacky characters that come in here every day. We have regular freaks and drive-by idiots. There's been vandalism, violence, a fire, firings, unrest, injuries, police and more. I never went to a Starbucks and had any of that action. But for some reason, this donut shop is one little weird world of daily drama.

So, I need your help. I'm going to wait a week or two to make my decision on the title. You can even suggest a new title in the comments below. Even if I only get one vote, that will decide the title. Although, I am favoring "All My Donuts" because most of the people who come here look like donuts.

So suggest or vote... I need your help naming a new drama series on this blog. I can't write the weirdness until I get the title.

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