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Monday, May 2, 2011

How To Write A Funny Blog Post

Funny Blog post writing takes sense of humor.
To liven up your blog, you may want to inject a bit of humor. You may even want to write a funny blog. The rules for writing a good blog post still apply, even if humor is your target. Here, you'll learn how to write a funny blog post.

For nine years, I worked as a stand-up comedian (1989-1997), so I already had a flair for humor. However, doing stand-up and writing material that is funny blog material requires a different skill set.

First, it helps if you have the basics of writing a good blog post mastered. You need a catchy opening paragraph that draws the reader in and teases them to what is to come. You should also have a concluding paragraph that neatly puts a bow on what you just wrote. You can't just drive to the end of the road and stop. Wrap things up, clean up any spills, broken glass and empty cans.

Before you embark on creating your piece of humor, understand that comedy is subjective. Not everyone thinks the same things are funny. If you plan on creating a cache of funny blog posts - and they are funny - give it time to find your audience. If ten people think you are funny, a hundred will and so will a thousand. It takes time to build a following for your humor.

Look at each post as a journey. They should have a beginning, middle and end.

Each paragraph should have a small twist or a big laugh. If you can create mental smiles along the way, you may actually build to a real LOL.

Write your post and read it out loud. Does it make you laugh? That is my primary test. If I don't laugh, it's not getting published. I don't have to howl, but I do have to physically laugh at some point through the post. No laughs - edit.

When you first start writing funny blog posts, test them out on friends. Copy your story into an email and send it out for some feedback. See what your friends like and don't like.

Since the technology is available, I love to add a funny picture to my funny blog posts. A picture can help grab a reader and get them reading instead of giving your post a quick glance and then off to something else.

Search Google for the pictures that you feel will best suit your funny blog post. Use a wide range of search terms until you find what you are looking for.

Keep your posts short or relatively short. I wind up writing about 500 to 750 words per post. People don't want to commit a half hour to your ideas, no matter how funny they are.

Just remember, if you're not funny, this will be a major uphill climb. Funny blog posts are not the result of any formula that you can follow. You need to have a sense of humor and some talent writing to pull it off consistently.

If you want examples of funny blog posts that I have written, check out the tab at the top of this blog: LMAO or click here.

Again, since comedy is subjective, you might not find my sense of humor to your liking. I know, though, that my ramblings are funny to a large group of people. The material has been road tested and praised by fellow comedians. I've gotten the feedback I needed, a long time ago.

Now it's your turn. Get a funny idea and start running with it. Keep the basic guidelines in mind and that is how to write a funny blog post.

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  1. You need to have a sense of humor and some talent writing to pull it off consistently.

  2. @ Bellevue Hotel - You're absolutely right. You can't teach sense of humor to someone and if their writing skills are deplorable, too bad. Good comment.


  3. The people who make blogs like that don't even know how to put on a stand up comedy act.


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