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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice 2011 | Who Won The Grand Prize On Apprentice Season Finale May 22, 2011?

John Rich wins Celebrity Apprentice 2011.
After weeks of tasks, screaming, fighting, back-stabbing, laughs and pure fun, Celebrity Apprentice 2011 was set to crown a new champion. The competition has come down to John Rich or Marlee Matlin. After a show that featured live interviews with the former cast members, showcases of their respective charities, we sat anticipating the big question, Who won the grand prize on the Apprentice Season Finale May 22, 2011? Even though both contestants were both deserving of the prize. John Rich became the winner of Celebrity Apprentice 2011.

Donald Trump started off the final episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2011 by saying that an Apprentice record of $3 Million was raised for charity. He also had two big announcements. Ivanka is expecting her first child and Donald Trump Jr. and his family are expecting their third.

In the finale, $250,000 was at stake for the charities of each of the finalists. John Rich was playing for St. Jude's Childern's Research Hospital  and Marlee Matlin was playing for the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Action resumed when Geoffrey Holder, the "Un-Cola" icon showed up to act in Marlee Matlin's commercial for the 7-Up Retro product.

Geoffrey Holder, the original "Un-Cola Nut" salesma
Then, Trump brought back all of the fired contestants on the live portion of the show. He first interviewed David Cassidy. When Trump told Cassidy that contestant Richard Hatch was in jail following the taping of the show, Cassidy said, "He's in the right place at the right time."

The next former contestant that was interviewed was the wild and weird Gary Busey. A Trump quote from earlier in the season was played, "Gary, I don't know if you're a genius or a moron and I can't figure it out."

Next quizzed by Trump was Lil' Jon, and he was grateful to have a break from Gary Busey, but he said he loves Busey. Lil' Jon also said he loved being on the show but would never do it again, "Because it is too hard."

Busey kept butting in and telling his story about Omaha Steaks and how they took his idea and are including his crazy kite idea in their packages.

Back to the tasks. John Rich had his team of Lil' Jon, Star Jones and Mark McGrath working on the venue for the Def Leppard show. While they worked, John Rich was handed a check for $25,000 from the folks at the Melting Pot restaurants.

Marlee, Richard Hatch, Latoya Jackson and Meatloaf got to work preparing their 70's themed venue for the party and the show with the Harlem Globetrotters.

At Marlee's event, Meatloaf worked the door, greeting all of the guests. Their commercial with Geoffrey Holder looked great and Holder really made the spot perfect for 7-Up Retro. His voice over brought back fond memories of the 70's.

Then came on the Harlem Globetrotters and they put on a fabulous show. Marlee Matlin was thrilled with the outcome. She felt sure she would win.

John Rich's team, which was working on an 80's theme, had a great commercial, featuring Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. Snider was just a regular guy in a setup audition for the 7-Up Retro commercial. His first singing attempt was awful. John Rich offered him a 7-Up Retro and he transformed into the wild-haired, makeup wearing leader of Twisted sister, which got a great reaction from the audience.

Then, it was time for Def Leppard to perform. The curtains opened and no Def Leppard. There was a mix-up as to what time they were supposed to be there. To kill time, John Rich grabbed a guitar and decided to be the opening act for Def Leppard. He performed a song about Trump and a few others and then Def Leppard took the stage.

Also part of the competition was to design a new can for the 7-Up Retro product. The 7-Up executives decided to use both can designs and they are available nationwide, right now.

Back to the live portion of the show and the focus turned to the irascible Nene Leakes. Trump asked her why she left the show. Leakes said that, "I did what was best for me at the time." She's been on the talk show circuit trashing Star Jones, while Jones has been doing the same. Star Jones accused Leakes of attacking every black woman on the show. Leakes barked back, "It ain't no racial thing."

Trump had to shift gears and queried Latoya Jackson. Jackson said that Jones was manipulating Leakes and was using her as a mouthpiece throughout the show.

Next, both teams met in the boardroom and Trump had them look at each team's can design. Neither team raved about the other team's design.

Attention turned to John Rich and the fund-raising that he did during the course of his task. He was able to raise $275,000 for his charity during his final tasks. Even though the task was not a fund-raising event, Trump did make note of it. Trump reiterated the fact that Celebrity Apprentice 2011 had raised $3 Million for charity this season, which was a Celebrity Apprentice record.

Back to the live audience. Trump began by introducing Marlee Matlin, who had raised $1 Million in one night for her charity, another Celebrity Apprentice record.

Next, John Rich was brought to the stage and gave Donald Trump a black cowboy hat, and the Trumpster actually put the hat on that well coiffed hair.

Trump started asking the former contestants who should win Celebrity Apprentice 2011. As the contestants weighed in, more seemed to vote for John Rich than Marlee Matlin, although, both received strong praise.

Before the decision was made, a video expose on Marlee Matlin's charity, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, was shown. It showed children in Africa that were getting hearing aids and hearing for the first time. It was very heart-warming.

Next, John Rich took us on a tour of St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, his charity. Rich has been involved with the world famous research hospital for over 15 years.

Then, John Rich performed, while Marlee Matlin signed a song written by John Rich called, "For The Kids." The New York School for the Deaf also signed background accompaniment.

When Trump asked Matlin why she should be the Celebrity Apprentice 2011 winner, she said that her charity has been a living example of her life. She's fought adversity throughout her whole life. When it came time to raising money, she's raised more money in one night than any other contestant in Celebrity Apprentice history. Finishing, she added, "And I worked my ass off."

John Rich came back and said that he was up to the challenge on every task and was Project Manager more than any other contestant on this season's show. John also raised over $1 Million through the course of the season. He argued hard for his shot at being the winner.

With one final question to each contestant, it was time for Trump to select the Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Grand Prize Winner. And Trump selected John Rich.

And that ends another fabulous season of Celebrity Apprentice 2011. Who won the grand prize on the Apprentice Season Finale? John Rich, and his charity is richer for it by $250,000.

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Charities of the finalists:
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