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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice 2011 | Who Was Fired May 8th on Apprentice?

Nene Leakes was the first of three fired on Apprentice.
Based on the previews, you already knew that three people were going to be fired on Celebrity Apprentice 2011. With two tasks planned for the show, someone else had to rock the boat and get sent home. So, Who was fired May 8th on Celebrity Apprentice? Nene Leakes was first for basically quitting on the first task after being moved to Team Backbone. Latoya Jackson as Project Manager for Team Backbone, which lost task #1 and was fired. Star Jones was the third person fired.

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This week's two task, three-hour episode began with a strategic move by Donald Trump to potentially save the life of Star Jones. He moved the abrasive Nene Leakes to Team Backbone and moved Meatloaf to Team A.S.A.P.

>>> Task #1

The task for the week was for the teams to produce a comedy show at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. Each team would get three comedians and fifty tickets that they could sell for whatever price they could get for them. Ticket sales would go to the charity of the winning team.

Latoya Jackson volunteered to be Project Manager for Team Backbone, Meatloaf was named PM for Team A.S.A.P.

Oddly, TV stock guru, Jim Kramer, was brought on the show to work with Ivanka Trump and provide input when it was time to fire someone. 

When Team Backbone went to their war room, Nene Leakes never showed up. In fact, she was not to be found throughout the entire task. During a phone call with Trump, she said that she felt Trump was unfairly favoring Star Jones and she was basically quitting the show.

Each team hustled to get donations for their charities, and tried to spice up their comedy shows with some big name talents. Star Jones of Team A.S.A.P. called her friend Tracy Morgan from NBC's 30 Rock. Jones got Morgan to make a video that would be shown at their comedy show.

Throughout the show, Meatloaf cried and cried because he was afraid that the money he raised in the name of his charity, Painted Turtle, might be lost and go to the other team. He was an emotional wreck over the thought of losing the money for his charity.

John Rich called in a big favor for Team Backbone and got his buddy Jimmy Fallon to perform at their comedy show. Jimmy wrote a hilarious song about Celebrity Apprentice titled, "You're Fired." Fallon also made a $10,000 donation to the charities.

Both comedy shows went off fabulously. Meatloaf's eyes cleared and he hosted the show for the women without a tinge of tears.

In the boardroom, Trump was furious with Nene Leakes and her behavior. He started the boardroom session by trashing Leakes, "Nene, you're a quitter and a loser and you're FIRED. Nene, Star Jones kicked your ass and the whole world knows it."

Latoya Jackson was the first person to be fired twice.
When it came down to which team raised the most money, the women pulled in just over $100,000 and the men fell short with $82,000. Meatloaf broke down in tears again and was so grateful that his charity would get the money.

When it was time to fire someone, John Rich, Lil' Jon and Latoya Jackson sat before Trump. Jackson set a show record for being the only person to be rehired by Trump and she also set a show record by being the only person to be fired twice. Yes, Latoya was FIRED. She left saying, "This was the best experience that I experienced." Duh.

>>> Task #2

Task number 2 was to create a promotional video for OnStar's new product that would allow anyone to have OnStar in their car, and it would be available at Best Buy.

Teams would be judged on creativity and originality, production quality and brand messaging.

Project Managers were John Rich for Team Backbone and Marlee Matlin for Team A.S.A.P.

Meatloaf just seemed to take over the task, and then had a lot of frustration with Star Jones on their project when she could not improvise lines for the commercial. Matlin was basically kicked to the back of the room through most of the task. Neither woman felt comfortable that Meatloaf took over.

Initially, John Rich felt ill, but he managed to get it together and worked well with Lil' Jon - the only two members of Team Backbone.

Team A.S.A.P. had a very creative video for OnStar, which featured Star Jones as the announcer and Meatloaf as a cop, who used OnStar to find a donut shop - something the OnStar executives did not like. "Police and fireman are heroes and making a policeman the butt of a joke was not in line with the OnStar brand message."

Team Backbone's video was quicker paced and edgier. It featured Lil' Jon as the spokesperson. OnStar executives felt that Lil' Jon was a bit over the top at the beginning, however the big blunder of the video was that the driver of the vehicle was not wearing a seat belt, which makes the add-on product non-functional.

In the boardroom, Team Backbone came out victorious. John Rich earned $20,000 for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, plus OnStar matched the amount for a total of $40,000. Rich has raised over $695,000 for his charity this season.

When it came time for Team A.S.A.P. to be grilled by Trump in the boardroom, Matlin said that she and Jones had a different style than Meatloaf and that may have been a problem.

Star Jones fired from Team A.S.A.P.
When Matlin was asked, "Who would you fire?" She replied, "Meatloaf." Star Jones also said that Meatloaf should be fired. Meatloaf came back and said that Jones should be fired.

Trump dismissed all three from the boardroom. In the hallway, Jones and Meatloaf started a discussion that escalated into a very heated argument. Jones walked away from Meatloaf, then insulted him by saying, "I'd debate with you if you had the credentials that I bring to the table."

Back in the boardroom, the pressure turned to Star Jones and her missing the branding on the OnStar video. She also made a big deal of Meatloaf calling her, "Sweetie" - which annoyed Trump. He felt it was petty. Finally, Trump piled up his reasons for firing Jones and he fired her.

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