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Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice 2011 | Who Was Fired May 1st?

Hope Dworaczyk Fired from Apprentice.
In the Eastern time zone, President Obama's speech blacked out the last 15 minutes of Celebrity Apprentice 2011, leaving fans furious and wondering, Who was fired May 1st? Donald Trump looks for strong personalities to be contestants on Celebrity Apprentice. This season, the beautiful, yet quiet Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk flew under the radar too long. Trump made a decision to keep the women's team as strong as possible and fired Dworaczyk.

Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Grand Finale & Winner

May 8th
May 1st
April 24th
April 17th
April 10th
April 3rd
March 28th
March 21st

This week's task on Celebrity Apprentice 2011 was for the teams to produce a hair show, showcasing Bio Silk and Chi products. Each team was given two hairstylists and four models for production of the hair show. The usual criteria for winning the task were how well they showcased the products, presentation and overall brand messaging.

Nene Leakes was named Project Manager for the Team A.S.A.P., at the suggestion of Star Jones. When Jones suggested that Leakes be the PM, it set Leakes into a non-stop expletive-laced tirade that can only be described as Ghetto Housewife.

Leakes' diatribe burned Hope Dworaczyk and Star Jones. Nene talking about Hope, said to Star, "She ain't nothin' but your damn puppet." Nene went on to get in Star's face and tore her apart, "You better bring your street game."

Later, Leakes said about Jones, "I am gonna F*** her up."

Lil' Jon became Project Manager of Team Backbone, after losing a game of rock, paper, scissors with Meatloaf. John Rich called supermodel Nikki Taylor, who was fired several weeks ago, and asked her to assist in their presentation.

After the teams got to work, a Celebrity Apprentice first happened. Latoya Jackson came into Donald Trump's office and pleaded to be allowed back on the show. Trump said he'd consider allowing Jackson to return. Jackson left without a decision by Trump.

As the women worked on their task, some civility came to their conversation, but there was plenty of tension just below the surface. Hope Dworaczyk kept saying that when Leakes goes off on everyone, she just wanted to, "check out."

Leakes' team came up with a theme titled, "Shake Your Beauty." Their presentation included a dance troupe of 10 women that brought a lot of energy to the stage.

Lil' Jon's team theme was, "Feelin' Good In America."

Meatloaf was extremely concerned because their rehearsal was not very organized and there was a lot of ambiguity as to what would happen during the presentation. 

In the boardroom, Trump questioned the women first, starting with Nene Leakes. She continued her attacks on Star Jones.

When the men's team was questioned, Lil' Jon was extremely confident that they were the winners.

The executive of Bio Silk, really liked the men's presentation, but was critical of Nene Leakes as the presenter for the women's team. When the cards were shown, the men won. Then, Trump pulled off a first in eleven seasons of Celebrity Apprentice. He brought Latoya Jackson back to the competition and put her on the men's team.

When Trump grilled the four women, Nene kept her horns pointed at Jones. Hope Dworaczyk


Not being able to watch the program in the Eastern time zone, I had to go to alternate sources.

The battles continued between the women in the boardroom. Trump turned his attention to Hope Dworaczyk. She's been in the background all season. For the first couple episodes, I don't think she said a word. Trump wanted strong players to compete against the men. He felt that Leakes and Jones brought their "A" game and that Dworaczyk didn't, so she was fired.

After a bit of frustration caused by the president, we finally got the answer to Who was fired May 1st from Celebrity Apprentice 2011? Hope Dworaczyk - and there is no hope for a comeback for her.

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