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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writing For A Living

Write with passion. Write with soul. Hope your words find a reader and fill a hole.

Each piece emerges like an Origami of text. Inspiration drives what comes next.

Getting paid? A laugh. Although, my dream is to be part of a staff.

Write a book filled with power? Then, only then, the money will shower.

Have my dreams been reduced to schemes? Another blank page requires a theme.

For now, I write a blog. Then share it on Facebook like a drifting log.

Maybe someone will climb on, read, laugh and share. I hope they care.

Racing thoughts and vivid ideas drove me to this. Am I sane or suffering an illness?

Give me the wisdom to work with words, as I dream of readers coming in herds.

Until then, the words march to the right. I've thought about them morning, noon and night.

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