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Friday, April 29, 2011

Stupid Things People Do On Facebook And Twitter

Stupid people are everywhere on the Internet.
With the massive proliferation of smart phones, laptops and other mobile devices, access to Facebook and Twitter can be 24/7. Some people feel they need to update us on their every move. It can be annoying, but there are some stupid things people do on Facebook and Twitter and it could be bad for them.

First off, pictures of you with a keg hose in your mouth might be seen by a potential employer - these days they check social networks to see who you really are. Leave drunken debauchery on your desktop or in a file, don't post it on the Internet.

NO DRUGS. You and a bong makes for a good picture. Better yet, you next to a six foot pile of weed. Hmmmm... and you wonder why the police keep circling your house.

You with someone other than your spouse is pure insanity. You probably follow Charlie Sheen on Twitter and bow at his every word. Adultery on your profile is not WINNING!

Another thing potential employers don't want to see is a video of you dancing around wearing a coconut bra and grass skirt, especially if you are a guy.

Peeling a banana with your mouth might get you a lot of hits on YouTube, but there might be other people who could make a character judgment based on your video.

Now that we've covered the dumbass pictures and videos. STATUS UPDATES and TWEETS!!!!

With the Internet, anyone can find out everything about you. All they need is your name. You're not safe just because your profile picture is of your dog and not you.

I had a guy that told me damn near everything about me one day in about twenty minutes. He knew where I lived, how much I paid for my house, what party I was affiliated with, whether I voted, what kind of vehicle I drove and more. All from his laptop.

There are people out there that are more devious and adept at phishing information about you than this guy. You need to be aware of that. Why?

When you post on Facebook and Twitter that you are going out of town or you're at some convention, a lot of people can see that. It means... YOU'RE NOT HOME. There have been tons of robberies reported that were linked back to the crooks being tipped to the homeowner's absence by Facebook status updates. Don't make yourself a victim, too.

I saw someone announcing they were out of town and at some airport. So I wrote a parody of an idiotic status update. Coaxed on by my friends, I added more and more comments to the thread.

The funny part was, several people thought I WAS out of town. LOL, LMAO and ;)>

Here is what I posted. I hope you enjoy it, but I also hope you learn from it. That's what this site is all about: Laughing and Learning.

Hi, I just wanted the world to know that I will be out of town for two weeks. We just got a new flat screen TV and left our BMW in the driveway. We left our gate unlocked for our gardener to show up, so don't worry about the plants. We've also taken our guard dog to a kennel. We left the upstairs window open so the house wouldn't get too stuffy.

A friend asked: some beer in the fridge i hope =]
Fully stocked bar. And we have 600 lbs of steak in the freezer in the garage.

The Playboy models will be showing up for a bikini shoot on Tuesday while we will still be away. It's by invitation only.

We keep a key under the mat in the back, just in case you need to pick up the crystal for the party.

We've had a problem with one of the basement windows. It won't close. I'm afraid of water getting in and ruining our collection of over 100 Civil War guns. Have to fix that when I get back.

We have Jimmy Hoffa in a storage shed in the basement. He's been frozen all these years and I hope the power doesn't go out while we're far, far away.
The trip is going great, but my wife is so upset that she left her 12 carat diamond necklace on the dresser. Next time she better concentrate on packing.
My wife just reminded me that my bank account pin number is 2368. I'm so glad. It's not at all like my social security number which is 255-45-9831
We had to come back early from our trip. Everything was gone. All that was left was the garage door laying in the driveway. Yeah, the WHOLE house was gone. I wonder how they knew we'd be out of town?
My wife is so pissed. She got a new cell phone 702-555-3472
Crap.... now we're getting crank calls. Wonder how that happened.

So, don't do the stupid things people do on Facebook and Twitter. You might wind up on this blog.         
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