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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stop Funding Planned Parenthood, Abortions And Birth Control

Give me a shot. I could be somebody special.
One of the items in the ongoing government budget battle is the funding of Planned Parenthood and other government supported abortion clinics. We have so many other needs. It's time to stop funding Planned Parenthood, abortions and birth control - except in the cases of rape and incest.

I can tell from the opening paragraph that there will be a whole bunch of women really ticked off with me. But hear me out.

Pregnancy is a choice. You made a choice to have sex. Becoming pregnant might have been an accident. You got yourself into the problem. Pay for the solution yourself.

However, mental illness and mental retardation are not choices. They are conditions that people have to struggle with their entire lives.

During the Reagan years, most of the state mental hospitals were closed. Thousands and thousands of patients were literally dumped on the street.

Now, most mentally ill people will see a judge before they see a psychiatrist. Untreated, they are locked up for vagrancy and a variety of crimes. Sometimes the crimes are extremely serious, like rape or murder. They are sick and they need help.

Mentally retarded children did not choose to be the way they are. Their parents wonder what will happen to their child after they pass on. It's a lot to worry about.

Over the last several years, funding for the mentally ill and mentally challenged has steadily dropped. With state budget shortfalls causing layoffs of teachers, police and government workers across the country, there is no money left for those who need it most.

I propose that we take the money that goes to support Planned Parenthood and other government funded abortion clinics and use it to help the mentally ill. I just want the money to be spent more productively than reproductively.

Oh, the horror stories of back room abortions and victims of sex crimes and on and on. Well, those people are mentally ill that rape and murder. The pregnant girl made a bad choice, in most cases.

I lost a ton of money in the stock market and it ruined my life. It wouldn't make sense to have the government reload my bank account. I made the mistakes, I pay the price.

If you want to be Pro-Choice, choose to avoid pregnancy.

Take a hard look at who really needs help and I think you'll agree we need to stop funding Planned Parenthood, abortions and birth control and help the mentally ill and retarded.

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